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Notebook configurator: Laptop according to your wishes

Are you dreaming of a new, individually built laptop? In the Ankermann Computer Shop you can put together your laptop online. We promise you: just browsing through our laptop shop will be fun. The anticipation of the laptop from the notebook configurator is a great feeling. Take your time to choose the right components - if you buy a laptop from us, you can enjoy this moment in peace. If you want to configure a laptop that is as individual as possible, our notebook configurator in the Ankermann PC shop is the best choice.

Would you like to gamble, but want a solution that you can take with you? Do you have little space and therefore want a laptop, but don't want to do without gaming power? You have an exact picture of the specs that your laptop should have and you want to implement it exactly as you imagine it?

Or do you simply want a mobile multimedia machine for many purposes, an all-rounder? Maybe a device for online shopping, social media and e-mail is also important to you?

We have a solution for all these wishes in the Ankermann notebook configurator.

Typical usage scenarios for different types of laptops

Let's start with size - a gaming laptop needs power and the screen can't be too small either. Gamer laptops start at 15.6" and are available from us up to a size of 17.3". Many gamers swear by their favorite CPU, graphics card and mass storage manufacturers - here a notebook configurator that allows a large selection of components is a must. So everyone can choose their favorite manufacturer when putting together a laptop for gamers.

Gaming laptops typically require at least 16GB of RAM and a dedicated graphics card with at least 8GB of RAM. The CPU also has to provide enough power for this purpose. Your gaming laptop can be tuned to your liking with RGB effects, such as a backlit keyboard.

Here the sober facts count: It is important that word processing, spreadsheet or an image editing program is running. Integrated graphics solutions are usually sufficient in this case. Special housings, illuminated keyboards, etc. are also usually not required here - but the final decision is up to you. With the notebook configurator, you have all the customization options at your fingertips and can put together your dream device exactly as you want it.

  • Typical laptop for online shopping, social media and email

If you need a portable solution for your online shopping, social media and email needs, a notebook from us is just the thing. You can adapt RAM, mass storage and other components to your needs in the notebook configurator. If you have any questions about our notebook configurator, please contact us or use our notebook consultant for further help.

Configuring a laptop made easy with our notebook configurator

With the notebook configurator, you can get your new dream laptop in just a few steps. It's easy!

With our notebook configurator you can put together a gamer laptop without having to forego expert knowledge. The Ankermann notebook configurator is designed in such a way that a compatibility check is constantly carried out in the background. As a result, all the components you have selected for your laptop are optimally matched to one another so that they pass this test. If a compatibility problem occurs while you are assembling your laptop, this will be displayed in the notebook configurator. You can then only continue the further selection process if you decide on other laptop components. At this point, the notebook configurator makes many suggestions for alternative components. You can compare and inform yourself in peace.

  • First step: First you select the laptop barebone in the notebook configurator. Decide on one of the numerous business, office or gaming variants. You should select the right model depending on the later area of application of the notebook. In this step you can also select the size in the notebook configurator.
  • Second step: Now you can select the individual components to complete the laptop. Choose the right parts from the notebook configurator from various graphics cards, processors, RAM, hard drives, SSDs, W-LAN cards and many other individual components. While you are assembling your laptop here, your finished device is slowly being created, component by component.
  • Third step: Use the filter function to search for your favorite manufacturer. You can select a variety of well-known brands in our configurator, such as Intel, AMD and Nvidia.
  • Fourth step: While you are assembling your notebook, our notebook configurator automatically checks for compatibility. All selected components also fit together. You concentrate on your selection, we take care of the compatibility check for you.
  • Fifth step: We work 100% transparently. If you assemble the laptop yourself in the notebook configurator, the price and system performance of your configuration will be displayed in the configuration menu. So you can use the notebook configurator at your leisure and are always informed about performance and costs.
  • Sixth step: Of course, the right accessories should not be missing when you put your notebook together! We offer you an extensive range of monitors and office or security applications, use the shopping cart. The order in the notebook configurator can now be completed, you have gone through all the steps to configure your notebook.
  • This would create the laptop of your dreams. If that's not enough for you, take a look at our online shop for more desktop PC accessories . You will surely find something there!

Your advantages if you use the Ankermann laptop configurator

  • Before you buy, we offer you our free hotline to help you with your purchase decision
  • Our intelligent notebook configurator rules out combinations that don't go together
  • We offer you a one-stop solution with Plug & Play
  • 24-month guarantee on components and service from the notebook configurator
  • The components shown in the notebook configurator are all in stock
  • Premium Pick-Up Service (fee-based option): free pick-up of your defective PC system the following day by Go! Express, you tell us by 2 p.m. that your device has a technical defect. We will then arrange for the laptop to be picked up the following day between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. (Monday-Friday)

The computer will be given preferential treatment when it arrives in our technical department and you will receive a message with the diagnosis and information about further steps on the same day.

Use the notebook configurator in our PC shop now to put together your dream laptop yourself!