Configuration overview:

PC configurator: How to put together your PC

Did you know that you can put together your own dream PC yourself? With our PC configurator, it's very easy and absolutely uncomplicated. You don't have to be a professional to put together your own PC at Ankermann. Anyone can configure a high-end PC, gaming PC or office computer with us. We guide you step by step through the configuration process in our PC configurator. You select the right components in the PC configurator according to your requirements and ideas and don't have to worry about anything else. After you have configured your PC, we take care of the entire assembly.

The PC configurator provides you with a structured overview of all the hardware from our partner suppliers that is available and that you need. In addition to maximum flexibility when assembling your own PC, you will also be impressed by the attractive price-performance ratio that is guaranteed with our PC configurator. In addition, we offer warranty and service for your configured PC.

With the smart PC configurator, you not only put together your computer, but also directly compare prices. The large selection of options for configuring the PC is particularly convincing. You can put together your entry-level computer with us as well as configure a high-end PC. The advantage: Compared to a ready-made PC with the PC configurator, you only pay for the hardware and software that you really need and that we install. With the PC configurator, you can set up your computer according to your needs and purpose - whether for business, gaming or entertainment.

Start the PC configurator by first choosing one of the main categories. Among other things, you can choose between a desktop PC or a gaming laptop. Then you can use the PC configurator to find the right graphics card and the ideal processor that is tailor-made for your purposes. Configure all components from renowned manufacturers with the PC configurator until your PC meets all your requirements and fulfills your expectations - both in terms of equipment and price.

If you assemble your PC yourself, you don't have to worry about the compatibility of the selected components. The PC configurator checks them comprehensively and for every change you make. If something does not fit, you will be informed immediately. An example of how our PC configurator works: You choose a graphics card that is not compatible with the system you have selected. This conflict is displayed directly and you can immediately choose an alternative or adjust the other components.

Configure your PC: Quick and easy with the PC configurator from Ankermann

We make customized PC dreams come true. With our PC configurator, you can put your powerful computer together, easily customize it yourself, and we'll match all components to your requirements. You can rely on our high-quality and comprehensive selection of desktop PCs, office laptops and gaming PCs that take gaming to a new level.

With the PC configurator, we want to help you put together your own PC, even as a layman, so that it adapts to your life - and not the other way around. Instead of painstakingly comparing different system features or prices, we provide you with everything at a glance. Our intelligent PC configurator searches for the best and most price-efficient solution for you, recommends components and shows you which services you need.

Configuring a PC is primarily one thing: inexpensive. This is because you are in charge of the equipment and therefore also the price with our PC configurator. You only pay for what you really need. You also avoid potentially missing important components when configuring your computer. In addition, you really get the performance that you want.

Whether you want a high-end PC with powerful performance or a practical laptop for traveling, our PC configurator always features the right choice. Our step-by-step instructions provide you with comprehensive support for assembling your PC, turning you into a PC manufacturer yourself. We would like to invite you: Start our PC configurator now and experience yourself what is possible.

Our tip: Consider in advance which requirements your future dream PC should fulfill after assembling. Then you can start right away and configure the PC based on your needs. What do you need for an efficient gaming PC that convinces with a low price? It would be advisable to choose a processor in the performance range of the Intel Core i3 or i5 or the counterpart from AMD, the Ryzen 3 to 5. If you work from home, you'll want a powerful home & office computer, which you can directly equip with all important office applications. An Intel Core i7 would certainly be too powerful for home office use. For standard office tasks, it is more important that the computer runs quietly with special fans and an SSD hard drive. An SSD ensures that the operating system and programs start without unnecessary waiting time. If you use your computer for image editing, graphics card, processor and RAM should provide sufficient performance in any case. An average dedicated graphics card is sufficient for image editing. The situation is different for video editing. Here, a premium graphics card should be used so that the CPU can outsource certain processes to it. Therefore, our PC configurator directly checks the compatibility of your selection. In this way, you can avoid expensive investments that you can't do anything with. Whether CPU, memory or drive, you are always on the safe side when configuring your PC with us. In addition, the PC configurator offers you the possibility to set a price limit right at the beginning and to configure your PC based on this price limit.

Your unique computer - customize the best computer now

With the PC configurator from Ankermann, you don't just put together the best PC for private use. Our tool is also an efficient way for young start-ups to large companies to equip all employees with the perfect and customized technology. Each area and department features its own hardware and software requirements. A PC that has been configured according to requirements increases productivity and allows entire teams to work together efficiently. Complemented with the right PC and notebook accessories, nothing stands in the way of your success.

Putting together your own PC isn't everything - we offer you an optional service where we take care of the configuration for you. You can use the PC configurator anywhere and anytime directly online and easily assemble what is important to you - from office to gaming, from high-speed to graphics.

Assembling a PC yourself is also a lot of fun and you can hardly do anything wrong. Due to the permanent compatibility check, you always know immediately if something doesn't fit. Did you know that there is no warranty and therefore no qualified service if components do not fit together? Often stability problems or bottlenecks can only be detected when it is already too late. With our PC configurator you save a lot of problems and costs, because we support you comprehensively with the PC configuration and make sure that your assembled computer works perfectly.

Get everything you need for the best gaming experience and supercharge your business. What are you waiting for? The Ankermann PC configurator is already waiting for you in our online store. Don't compromise or take any risks. We are also happy to be there for you personally!

The PC configurator for job and leisure

A PC must meet the highest demands, especially at work. After all, it's all about your success. Therefore, invest in a high-end PC if you want to combine absolute performance with maximum work fun. Simply put together your own high-performance computer. Install what you need and leave out everything that you don't need. This way, you get exactly the power you need with the PC configurator and at a great price! You should also place value on high-quality hardware for your private life, regardless of whether you use it for gaming or streaming. With a custom-built PC, it's even affordable. Within the configuration, you get a cost adjustment at every step and know at any time where you stand in terms of price with your computer that you assemble.

You are unsure because you are not a professional? Then the PC configurator is made for you. Whether you're an expert or a layman, with us PC configuration is possible for everyone, regardless of whether you have prior knowledge or not. And that across the bank of devices from office PCs to gaming laptops for on the go. Step by step we guide you to your dream model. If you want a personal service instead of the PC configurator, we are of course there for you and take over the compilation of your computer based on your wishes.

There are many ways to your dream PC with us. Try out the PC configurator now and see for yourself!!

Create your own computer that really suits you

We've been waiting for this for a long time and now it's finally reality - with the PC configurator you can easily put together your own PC. Take this opportunity. Get an overview of our selection of components before configuring your PC and then decide for yourself what you want from your computer. Should it be especially quiet, work efficiently or be more affordable? We at Ankermann are the first choice when it comes to assembling your own PC. Business computer, gaming PC or office laptop, with us you can enjoy a wide selection of components and put together the best PC on your own - without any expert knowledge. How do you do that? With our PC configurator of course.

Assemble the computer step by step

It has always been your dream to assemble your own PC? We make it come true. With us you don't need any expertise to assemble your computer. Only our PC configurator is necessary. It knows exactly which components fit together and supports you reliably in the selection. You only have to decide on performance and price. Use the many features of our PC configurator:

  • The component selection allows you to put together your PC step by step, decide on all components and expand them as you wish, from the case to the processor.
  • You alone decide how you configure your PC and activate our smart filter for this purpose.
  • To ensure that everything fits together, you will always receive an update on the compatibility of all components and can rely on our PC configurator to ensure that everything works perfectly in the end.
  • You do not only get a permanent overview of the services, but also a transparent overview of the price.
  • Give your configured PC the final touch with our accessories like mouse, keyboard or software.

Best service in PC configuration

If you were to assemble your PC without our PC configurator, you would have to find out yourself what fits together and results in a stable system in the end. In any case, you would need expert knowledge similar to that of an IT professional. Or you could end up with significant compatibility problems and, in the worst case, a costly investment with no benefit. In addition, the guarantee is not provided, because you yourself built your PC and thus assumed the responsibility. As you can see, it would cost a lot of time and effort to assemble your computer without the PC configurator from Ankermann.

You can only be sure of optimal function with a PC that you build with us. Our smart and fully automatic compatibility check gives you the guarantee. Put together all the components simply and easily and rely on us. It has never been so easy to assemble a PC.

Build your own PC now with the experts from Ankermann

Nowadays, a PC is indispensable in everyday life. What matters is that it should be the perfect companion for you. Simply use our PC configurator to assemble your own PC, which will help you to get your unique PC and everything you need. No ifs, ands or buts.

You still have questions about configuring your PC? Use our FAQ or send us an e-mail to You can also reach us by phone from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 16:00 at +49 (0) 7641 934 083 0.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What do you need to configure a PC?

With us you will be guided step by step through the PC configurator and receive continuous updates about compatibility, performance and price. Start with the case and move on to the CPU (processor). Next, select the mainboard, the graphics card (VGA Card, GPU) and the memory (RAM). Then, configure your PC's hard drive (HDD/SSD) and disk drive. Equally important when assembling your PC is the power supply unit (PSU) and the cooling system, which guarantees whisper-quiet operation at maximum power. Now comes the final touch with our PC configurator with regard to operating system, software and accessories.

What is important when assembling a PC?

A self-assembled PC should be based on your requirements and the purpose you have defined. Is the focus placed on gaming or is the computer intended for home office use? In that case, there are different features that the PC must have after configuration. With our PC configurator you always get a direct performance overview and can optimize the performance continuously. Furthermore, our PC configurator constantly checks whether all components are compatible with each other.

How much should you pay for a good desktop PC?

You can get ready-made PC systems from us for little more than 200€. Always keep an eye on our Daily Hot Deal and our Mega Deals. We were the first with a PC configurator, and you can see that from our experience - with the PC configurator you simply determine the price of your self-assembled PC yourself.

Where can you assemble your PC at a reasonable price?

At Ankermann, you can put together your own PC simply and easily with the PC configurator at the best price-performance ratio. You receive a real-time overview of costs and performance.