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PC configurator: How to put together your PC

Did you know that your dream PC is just a few mouse clicks away? With our PC configurator, you can assemble your own PC easily and without any hassle. You don't have to be a professional to put together your own PC at Ankermann.

Anyone can configure their dream PC with us. High-end PC, gaming PC or office computer - we guide you step by step through the configuration process in our PC configurator. You select the components for your dream computer. As a final step, you can also book our extras - the super-silent modification for a particularly quiet PC, the premium configuration check for a detailed inspection of your system, the thermal paste deluxe if you want the best thermal paste. That's it. Once you have configured your PC, our trained experts will take care of the assembly

The PC configurator provides you with a structured overview of all the hardware from our partner suppliers that is available and that you need. In addition to maximum flexibility when assembling your own PC, you will also be impressed by the attractive price-performance ratio that is guaranteed with our PC configurator. In addition, we offer warranty and service for your configured PC.

With the smart PC configurator, you can not only put together your own computer, but also directly compare the prices of the different components. The large selection of options available when configuring the PC is particularly impressive. We offer you every possibility: You can put together an entry-level computer or configure a high-end PC. Just as you like. The benefit for you: Compared to a ready-made PC, with a computer configured using the PC configurator you only pay for the hardware components and software that you really need. You choose the best components and we assemble your dream PC. When assembling your PC, you complete your computer according to your needs - whether for office, gaming or multimedia.

Get started now with your dream PC in the PC configurator! First select the right main category and discover the wide range of options. You can choose from the PC configurator, the Gaming PC configurator, the Mini PC configurator, the NUC Brix configurator and the Laptop configurator. As soon as you have found the right configurator for your project, you can get started! Choose the right graphics card and the optimal processor for your purposes. Use the PC Configurator to configure all components from well-known manufacturers until the PC meets all your requirements and fulfills your expectations - both in terms of features and price.

You can put together your personal computer with us. That is a great experience! Sit back and relax, because the PC configurator handles the work for you! It checks all elements for compatibility and adjusts them automatically every time you make a change. So you can be sure that everything works smoothly. If something does not match, you will be informed immediately. An example of how our PC configurator works: You select a graphics card that is incompatible with the selected system. The case is too small or the power supply unit is too weak for the graphics card. You are immediately shown this conflict and can choose an alternative or modify other components.

Convenience features of the configurator

Our configurator has a number of convenient features to make your life easier. From top to bottom, these are the following buttons:

  • Restart: Resets all fields so that a different configuration can be selected. Try out what you like best and then reset everything again to try out a different configuration.
  • Save configuration: Save your desired configuration in the watch list or mail it to yourself and others as a direct link.
  • Show connections: Here you can see all the ports on your system. Is there still a PS/2 port? How many DisplayPort connections are available? How many USB-A 3.0 ports does the system have? You can find the answers to these questions here.
  • Display and print data sheet: A detailed list of all the components of your system, including additional information. Print out the data sheet and stay well informed. We have also integrated a QR code so that you can access your desired configuration directly from your cell phone.
  • Copy (for sending to others): Forward the configuration as a link to your friends and impress them with your new system.

Assemble your own PC: quickly and easily with Ankermann's PC configurator

We realize your individual PC dreams! With our PC configurator, you can assemble a powerful computer that meets your exact requirements. Simply design it yourself and we will tailor all the components to your requirements! You can rely on our high-quality and comprehensive selection of desktop PCs, office laptops and gaming PCs that take gaming to a whole new level.

With the PC configurator, we make it very easy for you to assemble your PC yourself - exactly as you need it and not the other way around! You no longer have to fight your way through endless lists of product features and prices - you get everything at a glance. Our intelligent PC configurator is your personal assistant, making it much easier for you to find the best and most cost-effective solution.

Configuring your PC in our PC configurator is one thing above all: incredibly affordable! Because it gives you the opportunity to determine the equipment and therefore the price of the computer yourself. You only pay for what you really need - and that's really great! The best thing about it? You can be sure that you get all the important components that your computer needs. What's more, you get exactly the performance you want - and at an unbeatable price!

Are you looking for a new PC? Or would you like a laptop? Then you've come to the right place! With our configurators, you can easily assemble your dream PC yourself. Our step-by-step guide provides you with comprehensive support so that you can become a PC manufacturer yourself. Experience for yourself what is possible!

Our tip: Decide in advance which requirements your future dream PC should fulfill. Then you can get started right away and configure the PC according to your needs. What features do you need for a powerful gaming PC that is also reasonably priced? We recommend a processor in the performance range from Intel Core i3 to i5 or the AMD counterpart Ryzen 3 to 5. Do you work from home and value a powerful Home & Office computer that you can equip directly with all important office applications? An Intel Core i7 would certainly be too powerful for the home office. When it comes to standard office work, it is more important that the computer works quietly thanks to quiet fans and an SSD hard disk. An SSD ensures that Windows and all programs start quickly. If the computer is primarily used for image editing, its graphics card, processor and RAM should always be adequately powerful. A medium-performance graphics card with sufficient memory is suitable for image editing. However, when it comes to video editing, the situation is different. In this case, a high-quality graphics card should be used so that the CPU can outsource certain processes to it. Our PC configurator checks the compatibility of your selection directly. This prevents you from making expensive investments that are of no use to you. Whether CPU, RAM or storage solution, you are always on the safe side with us when assembling your PC.

Your individual computer - configure the best computer for you now

With Ankermann's PC configurator, you can do more than just create the best PC for your home. Our tool is also an efficient way for business customers to equip all employees with the perfect and individually tailored solution. Every area has its own requirements for hardware and software. A PC configured according to your requirements increases productivity and allows entire teams to work together efficiently. Together with the right PC and notebook accessories, success is guaranteed

Assembling a PC yourself is a lot of fun and you can hardly do anything wrong. Thanks to the constant compatibility check, you will always notice immediately if something doesn't work properly. Did you know that there is no guarantee and therefore no service if components don't work together? Stability problems or bottlenecks are often only recognized when it is already too late. With our PC configurator, you save yourself a lot of trouble and costs, because we provide you with comprehensive support in configuring your PC and ensure that your assembled computer works perfectly.

The PC configurator for work and play

A PC must meet the highest standards of reliability, especially at work. Combine this with maximum productivity and the PC configurator will give you the power you really need - at a great price! Include what you need and leave out what is not required. You should also value high-quality PC equipment in your private life, regardless of whether you want to game or stream. With a PC that you assemble yourself, it's even affordable.

Are you worried because you're not a pro? Then our PC configurator is the perfect tool for you. Whether you're an expert or a layman, everyone can configure a PC with us, with or without prior knowledge. We will guide you step by step to your desired configuration.

Configure your own computer step by step

  • When selecting components, you gradually assemble your PC, decide on all components and build it according to your wishes, from case to processor.
  • To ensure that everything is compatible, you are always informed about the compatibility of all components and can rely on our PC configurator to ensure that everything fits together in the end.
  • In addition to the constant performance overview, the price of the PC configuration is also displayed transparently.
  • Add the ultimate polish to your configured PC with our accessories such as a mouse, keyboard or software.

Assemble your own PC with Ankermann’s experts

Computers have become an integral part of everyday life. The question is: what does a PC have to do for you to be the perfect companion? Simply use our PC configurator to assemble your own PC. It helps you to build your individual system with all the bells and whistles. No ifs and buts.

Do you still have questions regarding configuring your PC? Read our FAQ or send us an e-mail to info@ankermann.com. You can also reach us by phone from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 12:00 on +49 (0) 7641 934 083 0.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What do you need to configure a PC?

We guide you step by step through the PC configurator. You receive constant information about compatibility and prices. Start with the case and move on to the CPU. Then select the mainboard, graphics card and RAM. Then configure the drive (HDD/SSD) and other features such as the card reader or the optical drive of your PC. Equally important when assembling the PC is the power supply unit and the cooling system, which guarantees whisper-quiet operation at maximum performance. The final touches are now added using our PC configurator with regards to the operating system, software and accessories.

What is important when assembling a PC?

A PC that you assemble yourself should be tailored to your needs and your intended use. Are you focusing on gaming or is the computer intended for your home office? Depending on its purpose, the PC will need different features. With our PC configurator, you always get a direct performance overview and can therefore continuously adapt the performance to your needs. The PC configurator also verifies in the background if all components are compatible.

How much should you pay for a good desktop PC?

Depending on the desired performance, the price for complete PC systems increases; affordable computers for office applications are available for little more than €200. You can find all kinds of pre-assembled PC systems here. Always keep an eye on our Daily Hot Deal and our Mega Deals. We were the first to offer a PC configurator, and you can tell by our experience - with the PC configurator you can easily decide the price of the PC you assemble yourself.

Where can you assemble your PC at a reasonable price?

At Ankermann, you can configure your PC yourself with the PC configurator at the best price-performance ratio, simply and easily. You get a real-time overview of costs and performance.