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Here you will find the most frequently asked questions to our support. If your question in our FAQ does not answer, do not hesitate to open a new support ticket in our Helpdesk.


Shipping and buying guides

Questions about shipping

Which delivery should I choose?

Orders within Germany you have free choice between DHL and GO! Express (recommended). Orders within the EU, Switzerland or overseas, we deliver exclusively with DHL World parcel.

Please make sure that a PC is a sensitive cargo and must be handled accordingly. The broadcasts are the best protection against falls and damage. As the logistics service provider to handle the program, we can not influence, unfortunately!

24H Express service available?

A next day delivery is within Germany only if possible that all components are in stock and the order before 13:00 we received is.

If you Orders have selected and not this be possible for said reasons, you will of course receive a differential credit to the normal shipping.

International shipments will be handed over to DHL World parcel and can be reached in the EU within 24-48 hours.

I have chosen the method of payment in advance, as we go from here?

You will automatically receive an email confirmation with the details for the transfer of the invoice amount after receipt of order.

Once a receipt is detected, we passed your order Lung in our logistics department.

Can I determine the delivery time?

Sorry No - We can not estimate yet coordinate when and where the courier to arrive.

When do I get a tracking number?

You will automatically receive the date on which your order will be processed in our logistics center, your tracking number via email. Please note that this is only active when your shipment is loaded to the logistics service provider in the system.

The packaging of my order is damaged?

In such a case it is advisable before opening the package, only to document the damage with photographs and after opening, to examine the contents for possible damage. Should the PC have defects, please make thereof photos and to contact us.

What about the packaging security?

Packaging safety has a very high priority for us, so we try a maximum padding of sensitive goods to ensure.

How much does it cost to buy?

The domestic and international shipping rates can be found here: Shipping costs

Do you deliver abroad?

Yes - We ship to every country in the world.

If a store Adoptable?

Basically Yes - Please note our current opening times and talk-piece pick off beforehand. After an order this usually ready after 2-4 business days for pickup.

Purchase advice - How do I find the right PC?

What are my options when choosing PC systems?

When choosing the right PC system for your needs, you have three options available. Choose from our numerous preconfigured systems of out - this helps our search engine or you benefit our individual Configurator ( )

or contacting our staff and can be personally (8:00 to 17:00) to advise.

What is a Super-Silent-modification?

This respect our technicians that the compilation of the fan (in total) are especially quiet and your computer system operates almost silently. Further adjustments are made in the BIOS to enable a more efficient air flow. In addition to the fans and the power supply is put under the microscope and possibly poorer by a noise replaced ..

What advantage have 4-year warranty?

Anchorman Computers are basically a warranty of 2 years on all hardware components. An extension to 4 years is possible at a small cost. Thus we guarantee at a hardware malfunction a repair or replacement of defective components within the warranty period.

What is the process during on site service?

Please contact our support and your problem is localized on the phone. If it turns out this is that a hardware component is defective, we will send you a lookout to component. Parallel you will be contacted by an external technician who made an appointment to replace the hardware with you.

Caution, this service is offered only within Germany and applies only to hardware defects!

Questions to the configurator

What are recommended or advanced components?

Recommended components are specifically contemplated by the company Anchorman components with which we have accumulated sufficient experience, they are technically deem useful and are usually in stock.

We recommend the the advanced components option only customers who are familiar with hardware technology. There is the possibility of more than 20,000 products to choose your desired component.

Can I do something wrong in the configuration?

Error, we can not in spite of our compatibility test principle. Our configuration is a very complex and dynamic system that allows much room for individual configurations. Before a system is built, throw our experienced technicians have a look at your individual configuration. If this inconsistency be recognizable, we will contact you immediately and discuss possible alternatives.

Why do not I look for find a component?

This may be due to your pre-selection, which is subject to stringent compatibility testing as you choose an Intel CPU, thus your only motherboards to choose from that support this type of CPU (manufacturers (INTEL / AMD + base). This makes it easier not only the right choice, but also prevents a faulty configuration of your system.

If a model should be entirely absent, please let us know, so that our team can check this.

Can I send someone my configuration?

Yes - Copy to the definition of your PC system, just the link from your browser and send this.

Can I send you my configuration for prior examination?

Yes - Copy to the definition of your PC system, just the link from your browser, open a ticket and send us the link to check to.

Why is a configuration link, the cart suddenly more expensive?

In such a case it is advisable before opening the package, only to document the damage with photographs and after opening, to examine the contents for possible damage. Should the PC have defects, please make thereof photos and to contact us.

Technical problems

Computer hardware and related aspects are complicated and sensitive. We are a service provider and not manufacture the assembled hardware you but obstruct your chosen components to a complete and working system. Despite extensive test procedures, it is not excluded that it may subsequently lead to an error image. Furthermore, there are factors that we can not influence themselves such as dealing with your package after the transfer to the logistics service or manufacturing defects to the hardware components. Our technicians and service staff are working hard to help you with your problem.

After commissioning is no image output?

Please check first whether the monitor connector is the correct port. In an additional graphics card, the onBorad connector is disabled and thus outputs no signal.

Open the casing and check whether the video card is seated in the motherboard slot correctly. Vibrations or transport it is possible that the graphics card has solved something.

During startup, always an error message?

For this purpose, the error message for our technicians have to be defined more precisely, please contact us and describe the problem, where possible, a photograph or go with our technicians a test cycle.

The computer after switching from an audio signal?

Please make a note of the number of tones and contact us. Per ticket Depending on the manufacturer, the number of sounds have different meanings.

The computer attempts to boot up and goes out again?

A precise location is not possible, please contact our Support, which together perform some tests with you.

The computer does not respond at An-Turn?

It may be that the cable of the on / off switch button has dissolved, to which you would have to open the case and check from the inside that the plug still seated.

Please also check whether the power cord is plugged in and power is on the line.

The computer displays blue screens or freezes completely?

Here different reasons may, in addition to a virus or Trojan inheritance case can hardware or software problems (operating system) to be the cause.

I Grafikfehler (colorful horizontal lines and green / red noise)?

Please open your case and check if the video card is seated in the main base correctly. Please contact our support - If you have an onboard graphics card is probably the graphics chip is defective.

I have no sound?

The front connectors are not connected properly or slipped out of the connector. Please open the casing and check if the connectors are properly inserted into the inner

Should this be the case, please perform a manual update your sound driver. What used sound card or chip your motherboard, see Control Panel -> Hardware

Complaints / arbitration - Warranty Processing - Repayment - Legal

How long do I have warranty?

The warranty on hardware products and their functionality is 2 years.

For a small fee an extension of up to 4 years is possible.

Why do I have to pay anything after my warranty processing?

There is a possibility that has already taken place at the time the guarantee is an update of the product and your hardware is not available anymore. In this case, a fair balance shall be determined and made in consultation with you, bill.

Why does the warranty processing so long?

For a detailed examination, the hardware component to the manufacturer shall be returned. How long does the manufacturer for the location of the problem does not lie with Anchorman computer. This can experience, need up to several weeks. If we have your defective component in stock, we will send you naturally deal spare to sit down and deal with the manufacturer.

I have received a wrong item, what should I do?

After consultation with our logistics service, the misdelivery is again collected from you Please contact our support team in conjunction

Accounting / tax / VAT / Payment Processing

My bill is incorrect or I need a copy?

Please open this support ticket and describe in detail the problem or concern. An employee of the accounting will then accept your request.

If the deduction of tax on purchase possible?

This service is available exclusively International customers. When specifying a valid VAT (International Tax ID) and by digital examination or release, an order can be tax-free shipping.

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