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Buy the PC of your dreams in our PC Shop!

In our PC store you can find a variety of desktop PCs and laptops for every application and every budget. We offer you the whole range of possibilities from small, stylish mini PCs to office systems, media PCs and workstations to gaming systems..

The offer in our PC Shop ranges from pre-configured and freely configurable desktop systems, to our laptop configurator, with which you can create exactly the laptop you want. The Ankermann PC Shop features the right offer for everyone..

In addition, you can find accessories such as monitors, keyboards and much more..

The offer in our computer shop for you:

In our PC Shop you will find, among other things, preconfigured desktop systems for different applications:

  • Gaming PCs with Intel and AMD CPUs and NVIDIA or AMD graphics card in various categories, from entry-level offers to mid-range and high-end systems with RGB, special cases and the most powerful components for the highest demands. We have the most common configurations as pre-configured systems directly in stock in our PC Shop.
  • Office PCs that quietly perform all office tasks and handle daily workloads without complaint.
  • Powerful workstations for professional use with powerful processors and enough memory and graphics power for every purpose.
  • Multimedia PCs for everyday use, allowing you to watch videos, edit pictures, surf the web, and much more.

For individual wishes use the PC configurator in our PC shop

If the predefined offer in our PC store is not enough for you, use the configurator in the PC online store, so that your new computer is individually tailored to you..

Nowadays, PCs have become an indispensable part of everyday life. The fields of application are diverse, from the office to gaming. There are different solutions for the various potential requirement profiles, which you can put together individually depending on the intended use. This is exactly what the PC configurator in our PC store helps you with. You can create a customized solution for every purpose, so that you always get exactly what you need in our PC store. You can select the individual components and get the finished PC system from us, equipped according to your wishes, with operating system and all drivers already installed. With us, you have the advantage that we do not install any bloatware or unnecessary test versions - operating system and drivers are installed and the mainboard BIOS / UEFI is updated.

We offer PCs for every taste - from general desktop PCs for office and multimedia tasks to Intel NUC PCs for specific space-saving compact solutions.

If you find it difficult to decide or if your application is not covered by our pre-configured systems, our PC configurator can help. Our specially designed configurator in our PC store helps you to put together a customized solution for your exact needs.

Also available in our PC Shop: The laptop configurator

The right system for every need - you can configure a suitable laptop according to your wishes in our PC store.

Do you want to play games, but for various reasons you want a portable computer? Do you have limited space and therefore want a laptop for office and multimedia tasks? Do you know exactly what your laptop should be able to do and want to implement that in the same way for your dream laptop? Or do you simply want a mobile all-rounder? A laptop for online shopping, social media and email?

For all these wishes we have a tailor-made solution in our PC Shop Ankermann by means of the Notebook Configurator.

Discover special offers now at your trusted PC dealer

  • DAILY EXPRESS: These are already pre-configured systems that are shipped with GO! Express on the same day if payment is received by 14:00, ensuring that the gaming PC system from our PC store arrives on the next business day (except Saturday).
  • Megadeals: Top offers selected for you by our technician and running while stocks last. Here we offer you heavily discounted PCs at unbeatable prices!
  • Top offers selected for you by our technician and running while stocks last. Here we offer you heavily discounted PCs at unbeatable prices.
  • Refurbished PC systems: These are previously used devices that are professionally refurbished and tested in our PC store. Most of them are leasing returns, which means that we only refurbish devices that are in good or very good condition. Our technical experts sort out mercilessly, so that you only get goods that meet our high standards, of course with a warranty.

Browse through our PC Shop and convince yourself of our incomparable service - we will be happy to advise you.

As you can see, a visit to our PC store offers something for everyone. Ankermann's service provides many years of experience with manufacturing and distribution of PCs in Germany and 24 months warranty. 6 months pick-up & return service in case of warranty and a fast and friendly customer support are self-evident.

With Ankermann PCs you can rely on quality. We are Microsoft partners and only sell original, European Windows licenses. From us you get computers with pre-installed operating system without annoying test versions of programs that you do not need - Windows 10 or 11 is already installed with all drivers in the delivery state and the computer is immediately ready for use. We use branded components from reputable manufacturers.

Our PCs are built with CPUs, motherboards, graphics cards, mass storage, branded components from well-known manufacturers such as ASUS, MSI, Patriot, WD, Crucial, G.SKILL.

For quick help, our expert telephone purchase advice and pre-purchase support is available. Here our experts will help you with questions about our products before you buy (Mon-Fri from 09:00 to 12:00 under phone number +49 (0)7641 - 934 083 0). In case of a defect or technical problems we also have experts from our support team who can help you (9:00 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 15:00 on the phone number on the flyer enclosed with the order).

We offer a full range of payment options, so you won't have any problems when paying. Your service provider for the payment processing is certainly also there.

Just browse through our PC Shop and convince yourself of the wide range of offers. Find your Ankermann PC or Ankermann computer now in our PC Shop..


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