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Why use the Mini PC configurator?

There is an almost inexhaustible variety of computer solutions on the market. From gaming PCs to office PCs, from laptops to tablets, the selection of different computer genres is huge. Therefore, it is not easy to choose one of the many options. Are the keyboard and screen of a laptop too small for you, do you find gaming PCs and office PCs just too bulky for that and tablet solutions don't have enough power? Then you should put together a mini PC with our mini PC configurator. Instead of a bulky case, a mini PC has compact dimensions and you can choose the screen yourself. In terms of performance, you can get a lot out of a mini PC these days, but due to the small housing and the associated problem of heat build-up, there are limits to the power. A mini PC is also impressive in terms of price; this computer solution is not expensive.

Your own Mini PC - simply put it together in our Mini PC configurator

Hardware components of the Mini PC

  • Housing: Mini PCs are housed in small housings. We have the housings of leading manufacturers such as Sharkoon and Fractal Design in the Mini PC Configurator program. These cases not only look great, but also shine with their functionality. Despite the small size, even mini gaming PCs are possible if you consider the dimensions. Some of the cases are also suitable for water cooling, there are some with a side window and depending on personal taste you can equip your case with additional fans to optimize the flow of warm exhaust air and thus prevent heat build-up in the Mini PC.

The Mini-ITX form factor is supported in Mini PCs.

  • CPU: Here we offer you the whole range of common Intel Core processors and the popular AMD Ryzen series. Starting with the Core i3 10105 up to the Core i9 11900 and from the AMD series from the Ryzen 5 PRO 3350GE to the Ryzen 7 5700G, you are spoiled for choice and can choose a powerful processor in the Mini PC depending on the purpose of your Mini PC configurator, with which gaming and other demanding applications are also possible. Or you want a small, aesthetic office mini PC where the performance is not so important and decide for an entry-level CPU, maybe even with an integrated graphics unit. The Intel Core i3 10105 and the AMD Ryzen 5 PRO 3350GE are ideal for this purpose, and their performance is easily sufficient for an office mini PC.
  • Graphics card: The size of the case limits the usability of larger cards. Either integrated graphics units or graphics cards that are short enough to fit into the case can be used from the Mini PC configurator. Depending on the case, graphics cards up to the GeForce RTX 3060Ti can be installed from the Mini PC configurator.
  • Mainboard: When it comes to mainboards, you are once again spoiled for choice in our Mini PC configurator; we offer you top products from well-known manufacturers: products from Asrock, ASUS and MSI, some with integrated RGB control, high-quality onboard sound, overclocking programs, integrated WIFI and LAN and so on.
  • RAM: In our Mini PC configurator you will find our RAM range from Corsair, Kingston, G.Skill and Kingston, with and without RGB effects in various sizes and clock rates.
  • Mass storage: We offer you SSDs, M.2 SSDs and hard drives from the major manufacturers in the Mini PC configurator, and we also have DVD burners and card readers so that you can choose your favorites from a wide range of storage solutions.

Your Mini PC in five steps: Configuration instructions for the Mini PC configurator

  • Step one : First you choose the case that you like best in the Mini PC configurator. We have variants with and without side windows and with and without soundproofing for you. Choose the variant that suits you personally and is best suited for your purpose. You have as much time as you want - you don't have to rush. Try out different variants, look at what the cases look like. And then choose your favourite.
  • Step two : Next, you can select the individual components to complete your Mini PC. Choose from various CPUs, motherboards, graphics cards, RAM, SSD, hard drives, DVD drives, power supplies, CPU coolers, operating systems, card readers, WLAN cards, sound cards, case fans and many other components that you like best. This is how your new Mini PC is created piece by piece in our Mini PC configurator.
  • Step three : You put together your dream Mini PC and our Mini PC configurator monitors compatibility. All selected components also automatically fit together. You concentrate on your selection, we take care of the compatibility check for you.
  • Step four : Our Mini PC configurator is 100% transparent. While you are assembling your Mini PC, you can view both the price and the performance of your Mini PC in the background. So you have all the time in the world to configure your mini PC and still keep an eye on performance and costs.
  • Step five : Of course we also have the right desktop PC accessories for your Mini PC! Ankermann Computer offers you an extensive basket full of useful items: monitors, office or security applications, use the shopping cart. When you have completed this step, your order can be completed. Your Mini PC is now fully configured.

Your advantages if you use the Mini PC configurator from Ankermann

  • You can get help from us with your purchase decision from our free hotline
  • Inappropriate configurations are excluded from the Mini PC configurator, so even laypeople can use our Mini PC configurator to build a professional Mini PC themselves
  • We offer a solution where everything comes from a single source - the system from the Mini PC configurator arrives ready for use
  • We offer you a 24-month guarantee not only on the components selected in the Mini PC configurator, but also on the service
  • The components that you see in the Mini PC configurator are all available for immediate delivery
  • Premium Pick-Up Service (fee-based option): We'll pick up your defective device the following day through Go! Express from - You tell us by 2 p.m. - for example on Monday - that your device has a technical defect. We will then initiate the collection of your defective Mini PC the next day, for example on Tuesday between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. (Monday-Friday).

Your Mini PC will be given preferential treatment by the Ankermann technical department as soon as it has arrived. As soon as we have found the error, you will receive a message on the same day in which we name the error and explain how to proceed.

With our Mini PC configurator you have the feeling that you would build your own Mini PC. At least you have the same choice! Use the Mini PC configurator in our PC shop now!