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What to do with your old PCs?

You are in the mood to buy a new PC and don't know what to do with the old one - but you don't want it to end up gathering dust in the basement? Then you've come to the right place at Ankermann to take back your PC.
We inspect and reuse your old PC in a sustainable manner. This means: Our specialists take care of the old device, check it and recycle all components where this is possible. Parts that cannot be used any further are materially recycled by us, so that the resources in your old device are returned to the raw material cycle. This way, together with you, we can make an important contribution to environmental protection and conserve scarce resources.
Regardless of whether your new device is from Ankermann, regardless of whether the old device was purchased from us - we even accept old devices that were not purchased from Ankermann, because we want to make it as easy as possible for you to return used PCs.:

  • Contact us online, request shipping label as PDF
  • Print label
  • Take a suitable cardboard box
  • Put PC in the box and package it
  • Put shipping label on the box
  • Take the package to the post office or have it picked up at home
  • We check the old PC and give you a voucher for our shop – depending on the condition and components of the hardware (0-200€, minimum order value: 700€)
  • Your PC is ready for a new life

As soon as your PC reaches us, we will professionally refurbish it, replace worn parts and give it a general overhaul.
If you are worried about data protection of your old hard disks and SSDs, we can reassure you: all old mass storage devices are professionally disposed of, the refurbished devices get new hard disks or SSDs from us.


Ankermann, ASUS or Acer, to name just a few of the best-known manufacturers - they all continuously launch new models that are more powerful, have a more modern design and are better equipped than the previous generation. Certainly, the innovation leaps are smaller today than a few years ago. However, this can already be the decisive nuance to work even more efficiently, to gamble or to enjoy the whole variety of the multimedia world. We also know that in many households, numerous old devices are still waiting for a new life. Go through your cellar and attic, decide to get rid of your used PC and we will professionally reuse it.


Professional reutilization of your old PC is not only beneficial for the environment. By sending us your old and operational PC, you are giving it a second life, so that the IT lifecycle of the product is significantly extended. This saves valuable resources, electronic waste is avoided and you sustainably reduce your CO₂ footprint, all in the spirit of a responsible approach to our environment.
But that's not all. Because we believe that good deeds are rewarded, you get a voucher for the old device from us, whose value depends on the value of the PC. Depending on condition and value of the old PC you will get a voucher worth from 0€ in extreme cases up to 200€ for our PC Shop, which you can use to buy new hardware in our store. The voucher features a minimum order value of 700€ and is valid for the return of working PCs; the hard disk or SSD may be defective, otherwise there are no further conditions. Maybe you will find a new system or accessories while browsing our website to reward yourself with?

Overcome your inhibitions – make room in your home and do somethiing goood for the environment at the same time.



There are two possible ways of returning your computer:


Your PC can be used as a secondhand device and be refurbished. The device has to be in working order or if defective, only the HDD/SSD can be faulty. In this case, please open windows device manager and click the relevant components so they pop out like in the image, then take a pic.

Then send the picture together with a short description of the PC and its components, e.g. „intel core i5, geforce 1050, 8GB RAM“ to our mail address:

We will then check your old PC and contact you with an offer for a voucher for you and send you a shipping label as PDF. You can send us the old PC cost-free with the shipping label.


You just want to recycle the old PC from experts, it no longer works and you do not think that it can be refurbished.
In that case, put the PC in a package and send the parcel to our address. You have to pay shipping costs yourself:

Ankermann Computer
Gewerbestraße 13
79364 Malterdingen

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