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Ankermann Workstations – Tools for professional users

Our workstations are powerful and reliable - made for professional use. With these machines, our technical experts have done their utmost to provide high performance at an affordable price.

Workstations are powerful and durable computers for professional applications such as graphic design, video editing, CAD, 3D modeling or scientific calculations. They are characterized by high-quality components, high reliability and scalability. These systems are optimized for specific professional applications. This may be a large working memory, it may be certain expansion cards, it may also be special hardware, for example a sound mixer for a music production workstation. All of this distinguishes a workstation from a normal PC. The systems are all designed for a high permanent load, which is why particularly high-quality power supply units, Quadro graphics cards and high-quality, fast mass storage devices are installed. In addition, all workstations are equipped with powerful high-end processors and plenty of fast RAM.

Who needs a workstation?

Workstations are generally used for professional tasks - for 3D printing, CAD, image editing, video editing, music production and other areas of application. Each of these areas of application requires special, high-quality hardware; a workstation for editing videos must be equipped differently to one for music production. With one workstation, the focus is on graphics capability and many connection options so that you can edit videos and connect many monitors. With another workstation, the focus is on the sound card. It is therefore important to know the area of application of the device in order to buy the right workstation for the respective purpose. This allows you to ensure that the hardware is precisely matched to your intended use. In our PC shop you will find a large selection from which you can choose exactly the right product for your needs.

Which questions come up when you consider buying a workstation?

  • Which processor is better for a workstation, an AMD or Intel CPU??
    As far as processor manufacturers are concerned, the market situation is so good that neither AMD nor Intel can be said to have made any serious mistakes; both manufacturers have excellent CPUs in their range. Depending on the area of application, both major processor manufacturers can be recommended. However, the entire platform itself is also important, and here Intel can score points with Thunderbolt. Although Intel licenses Thunderbolt 3, there are still no or only a few AMD boards with this technology.
    We have both current CPUs from Intel's Core series and AMD processors for our workstations in our range. The range for Intel processors extends from the Core i5 10400 to the Core i7 9700, the i7 10700 KF, the i7 12700K to the Core i9 10900KF and on the AMD side from the Ryzen 5 3600 to the Ryzen 9 5950X. Depending on the application, you will find the right CPU for your needs, from powerful mid-range CPUs to the currently most powerful high-end CPUs.

  • Is a powerful graphics card important? br> Workstations offer powerful, certified graphics cards, for example from Nvidia's Quadro series. Together with the processor, these graphics cards are the heart of the workstation and ensure that tasks can be completed reliably and quickly.
    We offer specially certified Quadro graphics cards from Nvidia for video editing, image processing and CAD workstations. Because these graphics cards are certified for professional applications such as Autodesk AutoCAD or Autodesk Maya, you can be sure that the best performance is guaranteed. The manufacturer also supports the use of its software with this certified Quadro card.

  • Are workstations scalable?
    Workstations offer a high degree of scalability, for example to install additional mass storage or RAM. This offers you the greatest possible flexibility when expanding the workstation.

  • How much RAM is required for an image/video editing workstation?
    A workstation for video editing should be equipped with plenty of memory for all tasks. The absolute minimum is 16GB RAM, but 32GB is better. The amount of RAM required depends on the size of the projects being edited - the higher the resolution of the RAW image file, the greater the amount of RAM required. Depending on the intended use, 64GB RAM up to 128GB RAM may be appropriate.

  • How important is speed for a workstation?
    Because time is money for professional users, our workstations are fast. Starting with the CPU and RAM right through to SSDs and HDDs as mass storage devices, we use high-quality components that offer a high level of reliability and also complete their task very quickly. So that there is more time for the project and annoying waiting times are a thing of the past.

  • What are the main areas of application for workstations?
    Workstations generally deliver outstanding results in terms of graphics, computing power, memory, multitasking, reliability and durability. They are therefore in demand in product development using CAD - for simulating functions, creating digital prototypes and designing tools and molds for industrial production. Computing-intensive animations and the complex rendering of videos are also important tasks for workstations. Other tasks include video editing and video processing at a professional level. However, 3D printing is also one of the areas in which workstations are used.

Ankermann workstations have been optimized by our technical experts for the most common application scenarios. We use high-quality components from brand manufacturers to ensure reliable continuous operation. You will also find suitable desktop PC accessories for your workstation PC.

Do you need a workstation with a Quadro graphics card, do you want maximum performance with a Ryzen 9 CPU with 16 cores, or do you want a soundproofed housing or would you prefer water cooling? You have completely different options with our workstations than with a normal PC. We install the latest mass storage devices - fast M.2 SSDs and reliable HDDs - so that you can benefit from fast boot times for your operating system and applications. We have workstations for CAD, for image editing and for video editing, all with the familiar benefits. If you would like to get a workstation exactly as you want it, you have the option of configuring your own personal dream PC with our Desktop PC Configurator.

Your advantages when you buy your workstation from Ankermann

  • We can help you with your decision with our free hotline
  • We have a one-stop solution - the finished workstation arrives ready to use, the operating system and all drivers are installed and you can get started right away. We don't install any annoying trial versions or bloatware, the system is clean.
  • With us, you get a 24-month warranty not only on the components, but also on the service
  • In our PC offers you can always find various PCs at unbeatable prices.
  • In the DAILY EXPRESS section you will find pre-configured systems that we have in stock. If payment is received by 14:00, they will be dispatched on the same day so that the PC system arrives with you as soon as possible

Do you have any questions about products from our range? Feel free to contact our experts.