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Our PCs for image editing - We have the right offer for you!

What does a computer need to be suitable for image editing and to shine in this special field? We have put together various packages for you, which cover the most important requirements, but in order to satisfy you, of course, your individual demands on the PC for image processing must be met. PCs for image processing are specialized workstations for one task area, which help you to facilitate image processing. These professional workstations are specially designed to meet the needs of creative professionals. Our image editing PCs offer plenty of power just waiting for you to tap into it.

With these workstations for creators, high performance and reliability is even more important than with a gaming PC, for example, as high continuous performance of the PC for image editing is essential for professionals. It would cause great problems if the PC for image editing were to fail and work would be impossible as a result. To prevent this horror scenario from happening and to let you sleep peacefully, our experts have put a lot of thought into it. We have thought about how to make our image editing PC as reliable as possible. Our solution: we use particularly powerful and reliable components that are of high quality. Power supply, CPU, graphics card, RAM and mass storage are tested and reliable.

What does a PC for image processing need?

It is important that commands are processed smoothly. A modern six-core processor provides enough power for the typical software used for image editing: Most content creators use the two most popular programs Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom on the one hand, but there are also equally good, but less common alternatives such as GIMP, Paint.net, Affinity Photo, Capture One, Zoner Photo Studio and others, the enumeration of which would now go beyond the scope here. 

For image editing, it is also important to have enough memory, which applies to both RAM and mass storage, i.e. SSDs and HDDs. The RAM is necessary to be able to edit high-resolution images and RAW files. 16GB is the minimum if you want to use panorama stitching or edit 16bit HDR images.

Mass storage should also be sufficient so that you can store the Adobe Lightroom catalog on the hard drive, for example. This makes the work much easier, as the software becomes much faster by this step. A storage option for the processed images is also important. Therefore, it is better to plan too much memory than too little, HDR images or panoramas are real memory guzzlers.

A good connectivity is also important for a PC for image editing, so that you can read and write all kinds of storage media with the PC without any problems: external hard drives, USB sticks, SD cards or other digital storage media should be able to be connected.  Of course, the most important thing is that the storage medium of your camera can be read by the image editing PC. Also, our photo editing PCs all have either a DVD or even a Bluray burner built in, so you have another way to back up your work.

Our image editing PCs are reliable and powerful. They've been designed by our experts at Ankermann to withstand the rigors of everyday use. What this means for you is that our engineering team has optimized these computers to give you high performance and reliable technology at an affordable price.

Our workstations are optimized for specific applications, always with the typical usage scenario for application and user in mind. These PCs for image processing offer a lot of performance and memory for your money, plus they are maximally reliable, so you can work with them perfectly.

Who is the target group for an image editing PC?

Basically, image editing PCs are in demand by creatives who use them for professional tasks - so image editing PCs are a work tool for content creators. They demand technology that is specifically tailored to their field of application. For us, this means that we have to have the right hardware ready for every application, because a PC for image editing should be equipped differently than a PC for music production. PCs for image processing are used every day and are therefore equipped with our most reliable and highest quality brand components.

Which CPU is best suited for a PC for image editing - would you prefer an Intel Core I processor or an AMD Ryzen?

When it comes to the processor, the current market situation is really interesting: both AMD and Intel offer very good processors, the years-long domination of Intel in the field of professional workstations has definitely come to an end and consumers benefit from it, because they can choose from excellent offers from both manufacturers. Competition, as we all know, invigorates business, and so this situation has ensured that both major manufacturers have leapt forward. Depending on personal preference, both major processor manufacturers are recommended.

We carry both current CPUs from Intel's Core-i series and AMD Ryzen processors for our imaging PCs. The range for Intel processors goes from Core i5 9400F to Core i5 10400F, Core i5 11400F, Core i7 9700, Core i7 10700F up to Core i7 10700KF and on the AMD side from the Ryzen 5 3600, the Ryzen 5 5600X up to the Ryzen 7 3700X. Thus, you can always choose the right processor and the right and suitable setup for your individual purpose. This is guaranteed by our large selection of powerful, efficient systems for your PC for image processing. 

Your advantages when you buy a PC for image processing at Ankermann

  • If you're unsure, have questions about a product, or have questions you want to clarify - call our free hotline and we'll help you, give you advice and support you in your purchase decision.
  • Our PCs for image processing are the solution where everything comes from one source. When our PC arrives, you only have to unpack and connect it. Then you can start right away. The operating system and all drivers are already installed. Everything is updated and up to date. We do not install any annoying and unnecessary software test versions and bloatware, the system is clean.
  • We offer you 24 months warranty on the components and on the service.
  • As an additional option, we also offer the Premium Pick-Up Service for a fee: If a defect occurs, your PC will be picked up the next day by Go! Express will pick up your PC the next day. You inform us until 2 pm that your PC is defective. We will then arrange for your device to be picked up the next day between 8am-12pm (Monday-Friday).
  • Your computer will be prioritized by our technical department as soon as it arrives. As soon as we have found the error, you will receive a message on the same day, in which we will explain the error and discuss further steps with you.