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... Inspired by progress

Our motto is our aspiration and the yardstick. We live in a modern age in which has become very much possible and we strive constantly to make these programming techniques and convenience features in a simple and beautiful for you buying experience.

No fear of incorrect configuration bzw.fehlerhafter Bestellung.Unser configurator itself you know indicates that the PC is not be functional (eg lack of graphics card or compatible motherboard / Ram / power supply etc.) ... and even after the order be we for existing discrepancies contact and dig deeper, if that was so intended and is !? We offer solutions and able to respond very flexibly to your individual needs or possible error.

We try as simple as just to be possible ... But since we want to incorporate no restrictions for you, you can as a customer have false expectations, which you may have to first learn with us or is first confronted with it. When we advertise for example with a delivery time of 2-5 business days, then we will do everything possible to maintain this "promise". At 95% we can do that too ... But where do these 5%? This is actually logical if you you kennt.Wenn the reasons eg select from "extended range" of the configurator a component which is not consistent (not in stock) needed and about 1-2 days with us in order after ordering arrive with us. Only then can we begin's with the completion of your PC. This can in some cases the reason for delays sein.Die other hurdle would be your chosen Zahlungsart.Ihre order comes to us only from the existing payment confirmation in the production queue. Thus, it is for urgent orders really disadvantageous if you pay in advance because our accounting only after 2-4 days can claim this payment. Thus would your PC only from the approximately 2-4th Working day after your order, come in the production cycle. Please note also that Friday is the last working day and therefore Saturday and Sunday can not be added to this 2-5 days promise and should (Sundays and holidays not well). :)

Express service

For urgent matters and clients that can not wait, we launched the express service to life. Every 2nd customer asks us his job as quickly and as best handle very first and if everyone has this desire, is the logical as no one can get, because we want to favor any individual customer, everyone gets the same quality and performance.

When Express service come naturally in the VIP priority level. This means for us in this case, an anomaly in the normal workflow and is prioritized discussed, organized and to leave in the best case on the same day our company. 49 ? are well spent, if it is really urgent, and we are doing everything possible to this value entsprechen.Nehmen we just an example ... you order up to 13h and we have everything in stock, then you can assume that your PC until about 16 clock is on its way to you and if you additionally the GO! Express shipping service to book, then your PC even qausi guarantees (99%) will be the next business day you ankommen.Sollten but later, ie from about 15 clock a order incl. Order Express service, then enters all from the Two nearest working day in force. Should it however be a delay, you can assume that we bervorzugt contact by phone and discuss all the details. Please keep in mind in this case that the payment method "payment in advance" this service qausi makes niece, because we need a direct payment with immediate receipt of acknowledgment, to immediately begin the work. (Payment coverings / confirmations of the Bank are unfortunately not sufficient) Here also applies that Friday Last day and thus an express service order on a Friday afternoon is also effective only on Monday ... But you can assume that we will comply with this value over and your order will always be greatly accelerated.

F ertigstellung your PC

Your PC is organized by experienced technicians and well-trained staff, prepared, manufactured, tested and packaged. Our experience and high quality standards, ensuring accurate and optimized production processes with the aim of customer satisfaction, fair prices and highest quality of delivered.

Please keep in mind here is that your order never defective or not functional leaves our house. There occur in transit sometimes for us inexplicable damage or shock, which can only lead to you to an error image. Simply sign up with us and we will take immediate action. :) (Tip: A slightly higher investment in a spazialisiertes for sensitive goods logistics companies, can at PC acquisitions worth quite!)

We get the best out of your individual order. Many individual Variations / choices also always means another product with various advantages and disadvantages. If you save somewhere to invest at another end more power, then this may be well intentioned, but may result because of too little background knowledge to disadvantages from which you possibly nothing wissen.Wenn you are unfamiliar so good, then grab It is best to pre-brand PC's. Otherwise, please inform yourself beforehand or let us advise you. :)

specify the Quatlität wiring or volume or to always guarantee perfect is almost impossible. If we advertise a SILENT PC, then this is also silent unless you reconfigure it and thus add loud Kompenente unknowingly. You also need to distinguish what the PC nutzen.Ein office Silent PC will be quiet usually always, if it is used normal office work.

If this PC for calculations, which utilize the processor to 100%, then the CPU cooler will be might be heard and you should invest in our Super Silent package ? 49, we then invest this budget individually, so your PC Optimize the operations vOluMe technically.

It should be understood that, for example, a ? 100 PC tower case from a 15 ? housing quality, innovative and technically sound volume differs somewhere and somehow :)

Please keep in mind that especially a higher rate of 95% means higher quality and performance on PCs. PC's to ca. 499 ? are all relatively similar, because each component is not much leeway has to invest more, etc. In PC's to around ? 800 all quality or you can then save to certain components slightly to smooth a install very strong and expensive graphics card. It must be remembered that a strong graphics card vorraussetzt an equally performant CPU or power supply however. One can say simplified with us, because the hardware / components prices are tightly calculated world that if you ? 600 for a PC to invest with us, you will have acquired the best at this price. If you invest ? 1,300, then you also get the best possible for you PC at this price. It's that simple. We always recommend at new PCs a SSD hard drive of at least 120GB.

W & indows- driver installation + burn-in test

After a clean, ad-free Windows installation incl. Driver, which we install preferably on a * mitbestellten SSD, we test your PC into intense stress testing by completely.

So that we can locate any hardware problems in advance, we check carefully before sending your PC. We start with the Windows Experience Index, indicating our gross performance issues. Subsequently, the CPU / processor, GPU / graphics card and the RAM / memory are at highest load towards überprüft.Dabei turns out, whether graphic errors, memory sectors are faulty or Tempereraturprobleme arise.

If the software and drivers are functioning correctly and have your PC running longer full capacity no problems, we check the connections yet ... see picture display *

Compatibility problems or other hardware and Sofwareproblemen, we will sit Off course before delivery in touch with you and discuss possible alternatives, or equivalent.

Your PC will never knowingly with existing defects or malfunctions in the product?

packaging and shipping

Transport safety is very important to us and we will do everything to make you look forward to unpack at and find no nasty surprise. We also provide for cost reasons our best course to avoid costly returns and repairs. Your already secured and padded PC board is entered in another box with foam.

You receive from the time of shipment an email notification and from date, you can expect your PC in the next 1-2 business days. Please keep in mind that we have nothing more to do from start of the journey of shipment with the Organisiation and quality of transport. They also decide by the choice of the delivery company itself about the expected delivery quality.

(Tip: A slightly higher investment in a spazialisiertes for sensitive goods logistics company may be worth at PC acquisitions quite :)!)

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