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Find your ideal refurbished laptop

Whether you need a fast gaming laptop or a reliable business notebook, we have the best laptop - tailor-made for your needs!!

In which condition are our cheap refurbished notebooks?

Even a close inspection of the device does not reveal any major dents or scratches. In fact, refurbished laptops may have slight signs of use. However, the devices are technically and visually like new and work as well as new devices. You also don't have to worry about finding vacation pictures of the previous owner, because there is no data of previous owners on the models. Components like RAM or SSD are usually replaced by us anyway.

Refurbished laptops are sought after because the price-performance ratio of these devices is excellent. A new laptop is an expensive purchase. A refurbished laptop offers similar performance to a new device for a lower price. Plus, you get a warranty and the assurance that all laptops are thoroughly inspected. After this inspection, all laptops are cleaned and equipped with the latest software. This way you can be sure that you get a high quality product.

Refurbished laptop: sustainable and affordable

A refurbished laptop already had a previous owner. These notebooks are often from the business world, where leased laptops are replaced after one to two years. Such business equipment is of such high quality that a second life is no problem for them. After a detailed inspection, a thorough cleaning of the laptops and subsequent installation of the operating system with all the latest drivers, the laptops are ready for the refurbished market. When you buy a refurbished laptop, no new laptop is produced. That saves resources and helps to contribute to a sustainable society. Not only do you save money, but you also do something for the preservation of nature!

Laptops are everywhere today, both in the private and professional sector. They can be used in many ways. You can use laptops for entertainment, they can be used as a source of information or for communication. Especially more powerful models are correspondingly expensive. We offer you an inexpensive alternative. Our refurbished laptops are high quality and still affordable. Convince yourself and look around in our online store for the right computer.

Buying a refurbished laptop - how to find the right machine for me?

Detailed hardware specifications are often confusing for non-experts. For this reason, before buying a laptop or other computer, you should create an overview of which programs you will run on the device. It's best to write down the hardware requirements of these programs. This way you can see what requirements your laptop has to meet in order to run these programs.

A closer look at the technology of the laptop

Whether the laptop is refurbished, used or new, these components are always the same. They are crucial for the performance of the device.

  • Processor: Today, notebooks with Windows operating systems are equipped with either Intel or AMD processors. These can be roughly divided into three classes:

    • Entry-level with two cores and the minimum needed for use..
    • Mid-range with at least quad-cores and performance reserves for the future and upper-range with the best components and a large performance buffer.
    • A device with at least four cores should definitely be selected for gaming, graphics applications and business.

    A dual-core processor can be enough for typical sofa Internet surfing sessions and office applications.

  • Drive: Nowadays, a drive is something exotic in new devices, but refurbished laptops often still have an integrated DVD burner.

  • RAM: 8GB RAM is sufficient for office use or internet surfing on the couch. If you also want to use the laptop for gaming or more complex tasks, the RAM should be equipped with 16GB.

  • Graphics card: Again, for use as an office computer or for Internet surfing, an integrated graphics card is completely sufficient. For other purposes, you should use a graphics card with at least 1 GB of dedicated memory.

Tips and answers to the most common questions we receive about laptops

Our tech experts answer many customer questions every day, one of which regularly reappears – Why is my laptop so slow?

We compiled a short list of potential causes:

  • The fan(s) are dusty and thus cannot work efficiently. Remove the dust with compressed air.
  • Check the RAM and the hard disk/SSD.
  • Uninstall programs that are no longer needed.
  • The very last thing to do is to reinstall Windows. You can choose to keep the user data or to reinstall the operating system from scratch.

If all these measures don't help, it's time to buy a cheap refurbished notebook.

Are refurbished devices powerful enough?

You can buy business laptops from us. These are generally equipped with more powerful components than the inexpensive entry-level models. Older refurbished laptops are often ahead of new entry-level devices in benchmarks thanks to higher-quality components.

Can you also play on refurbished laptops?

Many games, for example the most important e-sports games, are now also running with integrated graphics cards. If you do not increase the resolution above FULL HD and leave the details at medium level, games like CS:GO run smoothly. For gaming AAA games, however, you need a dedicated high-performance graphics card.

Can you upgrade refurbished laptops?

Most refurbished notebooks can be upgraded. Check the specific model and what possibilities there are. RAM and mass storage as well as Wi-Fi card can usually be replaced or expanded in all devices.

Tips and answers to the most common questions we receive about laptops

You get tested branded goods without any risk. We provide the full warranty on the refurbished laptop, as we do on new goods. Buy without risk and do something for the environment by continuing to use existing resources. We can make it possible! And not only that, you will also notice in your wallet that our refurbished laptops make sense, because they are much cheaper than you think!

Ankermann.com – your online shop

Ankermann.com offers a huge selection of PCs and laptops and many ways to customize your new computer. If you are looking for a cheap PC, you have come to the right place!

Are you unsure what kind of computer you need? Do you still have questions about the PC configurator?

Then please have a look at our frequently asked questions or simply call us at +49 (0) 7641 / 934 083 0. We are available for you Monday to Friday 10:00 - 16:00. You are also welcome to shoot us an e-mail to info@ankermann.com.

Your advantages when you buy your PC system from Ankermann are as follows

  • We help with your purchase decision with our free hotline
  • We offer a one-stop solution - the finished system arrives ready to use, the operating system and all drivers are installed and you can start right away. We do not install any annoying test versions and bloatware, the system is clean.
  • We offer a 24-month warranty on components and service.
  • We offer the extra option of a Premium Pick-Up Service for a fee: Your defective PC will be picked up by Go! Express on the following day. You inform us by 2 p.m. that your PC is defective. We will then arrange for your defective PC to be picked up on the next day between 8am-12pm (Monday-Friday). Your PC will be prioritized by our technical department as soon as it arrives. As soon as we have found the error, you will receive a message on the same day, in which we will explain the error and discuss further steps with you..

Our great "special offers" that you can't refuse

  • Under the category DAILY EXPRESS you can find pre-configured systems, which will be shipped with GO! Express on the same day, if payment is received until 14:00, so that the gaming PC system arrives on the next working day (except Saturday).
  • The megadeals offer heavily discounted PCs at unbeatable prices, selected for you by our technicians!
  • Additionally we feature our Hot Seller of the Week with PC systems at the best price, which are only available for a short period of time.