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PC systems for agencies,
powerful solutions online from Anchorman

Working in an agency is complex, everyone must be in the office can rely on a powerful and robust computer system. If customers have to wait for your offers, because software or hardware errors, or there are problems with the internal network that is more than annoying. PC systems make the work possible in an agency. Projects are planned, dates for meetings and sales calls stored and the data for accounting must also be entered safely. No one in the Agency should take care of defective drives or broken printer itself. Our high-end computer systems are equipped with high-quality brand components and compatibility in all its individual components. This saves your agency in the future a lot of time and trouble. In Anchorman online shop you will find different PC solutions for individual requirements.


High-performance PC systems for agencies
with many extras of Anchorman

In addition to high-end computer hardware and software, we offer business server for small, medium and large agencies. Optimize in the areas of digital communications, mobility and data security. Take for example, Exchange Server for your e-mail and communication processes, you enable data security for your computer system, allowing you to recover deleted or damaged Agency data inadvertently. Attend to the central file management, smoothly functioning data transfer and a compatible platform for server-client based business software, including virus scanning in the central e-mail and data transfer to the Agency.


Time is money: Anchorman find your perfect Agency PC ??solution!

Do not worry, in Anchorman online shop you will find your individual equipment. We combine your agency claims within a given budget. For this you can use our extensive PC Complete offers and services. From digital fax management, uncomplicated remote maintenance and administration through dynamic monitoring of utilization and health of the server with logging, we can be quite rugged.

We advise your agency course individually and equip your computer systems with latest quality brand components. The smooth Agency everyday is the very center of our planning for your complete system. Small operation need smart solution. If your office pose little space in the agency, but to fulfill representative purposes, this is not a problem for us. We supply compact and very powerful PC systems that are available to you than designed helper at the agency side. These systems are especially designed for image and graphics programs and have the super quiet Supersilent PC modification. In high-performance CPUs and large graphics cards your agency does not have to do without. If you are interested in complete systems, shop directly suitable monitors and printers. Business-Online orders are always evaluated on compatibility, your computer system is equipped for the Agency operation.


High-end systems, with water cooling,
exactly the right computer system for your operation

In large agencies the power requirements for PC systems continue to grow, especially if you work for the planning and presentation of your ideas with images, graphics or video programs. To convince your customers of your plans, you need not only a representative office, but also a powerful PC system with an elegant design. The clientele in an agency is particularly challenging in the rule. You should save in the wrong place, therefore, never, that is of course on a monitor, keyboard and mouse. At high power requirement computers often generate unwanted noise. We equip your system on request also with water cooling.


In the Agency as Anchorman counts:
A perfect service makes the difference!

Invest in the service of anchorman for your PC system. Do not worry about the details of your computer system. We install the appropriate operating system, the necessary

Applications and a powerful anti-virus program, if you wish. The establishment of the system can be done at your site. The technical 24-month on-site service ensures rapid and reliable PC repair services by professionals. We are so confident of our PC systems that you can guarantee your right to extend the purchase. easily convert your 2-year warranty to a 48-month warranty. We only install high-quality brand components in our computer systems. If you need more powerful high-end devices for machining complex video or graphics files, we can equip your PC system with a water cooling system. These computers are particularly quiet and the cooling system ensures a longer duration of major components such as CPU, video card, or memory card. Is there a need to integrate the new computer system into an existing network, we will also carry out the wish for you! Use our service and support, we will assist you!