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Particularly powerful computer produce noise. Those who want to have peace and quiet during gaming, cares about the purchase of a PC system to latest Super Silent Technology. Also users in graphics and video field like to work quietly. Treat yourself for your computer system a great graphics card and a powerful processor. thanks to the latest technology Our CPU coolers ensure that even your PC system for smooth running. Optimal be installed the radiator, front and rear. We process high-quality brand components and ensure system when compiling your PC compatibility. Our Super-Silent-computer systems are naturally equipped with sound-proof enclosures.


Innovative PC configurator, Anchorman bringing PCs to whisper!

Our selection of PC and computer systems is large. In addition to programs for complete systems can be your desired PC online itself together. The operation of the PC configurator is intuitive. You can not make mistakes because of the innovative configurator checks each of your entries on compatibility. In addition to CPU, motherboard, graphics card and operating system, you can select our specially 120mm FAN Super Silent Technology. This upgrade provides a balanced air flow in the PC case, ie regulated simultaneously cooling and volume. Accessorise your computer system therefore quietly powerful from. Are processor and graphics card compatible, add the extra Supersilent. When you have selected all high-quality brand components, close the ordering process and pay your new PC system online or select the operation of Finance. The particular hurry of you decide is best for the 24-hour Express Shipping. You can also broaden your warranty and instead of 2 years to select the same 4-year on-site service. We are convinced of our Super-Silent-PC solutions, guarantee best support and advise you in your selection.


Entry-level desktops and high-end computer, Silent-Systems
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Of course, we do not assume the compilation for you. In our online shop you will find something for everyone. Anyone looking for a busy office workers will quickly find sure the correct PC, locate and add the matching printer, scanner or an additional power cable. Gamer come with us also at your expense. The complete systems are equipped with high-quality brand components and offer extras for every budget. Of course we pay attention when necessary to the installation of ultra-quiet Silent PC modification. The more powerful your system is, the more you should pay attention to these additional components. In Anchorman we mount smooth-running hard drives and CPU cooler. Refer to the online shop of our PC complete systems with Silent Technology.


OSH by Silent technology from Anchorman:
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Noise affects our quality of life and ultimately our health. Many employers are trying for some time to dispense even with technical equipment on noise pollution. For PC systems of the environment and the location-dependent sound pressure as a function is relevant to the user distance. Many of our Anchorman Computer Systems are therefore marked as noise. Special fan and additional insulation mats reduce noise and thus ensure a relaxed working atmosphere. Benchmarks provide here the emission data according to ISO 9296. In computer systems can not be dispensed with in a modern world. Modern technology allows IT professionals to make your work on PC as pleasant as possible. Quiet Complete systems reduce stress and ensure that you can concentrate on the essentials while working. With Silent online PC systems from Anchorman your world is quieter. For advice and support, we are always at your disposal!