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You want to buy a good and cheap gaming PC, an office PC, multimedia PC, a workstation, a laptop, accessories or any other PC system from us?

Or do you want to create a custom PC that you can configure yourself? Then Ankermann is the right place for you. Here you can not only buy at a reasonable price, but also customize the PC according to your ideas! Do you value fast delivery? Would you like our experts to take care of putting together your PC? Then our complete systems are worth a look.

Buy PC on invoice

B2B customers: For business customers, purchase by invoice directly through us is possible at any time by providing your VAT ID. Creditworthiness and VAT number are checked individually for each case by our accounting department.

Buy PC on installments

Payment by installments is made possible by our partner Easycredit for a shopping cart value from 200€ to 10.000€.

No proof of salary is required; Easycredit checks creditworthiness and identity and either approves or rejects the installment purchase. More information on interest rates, installments, etc. is displayed when you select this payment method.

Buy your PC online quickly and easily

You want to buy a computer online that is good and cheap? You want your PC to be as you have imagined it? Do you want to do things differently than others? Then ankermann.com is the right place for you. Here you can buy your PC at a low price and adapt it perfectly to your ideas! The sky is the limit.

In our PC Shop you will find computers for every budget and every usage scenario: whether you are looking for a tower PC, desktop PC or laptop - we have the right product for you. We offer the whole range from mini PCs to office systems, media PCs and workstations to gaming systems and tower PCs. Order good and cheap PC systems online - at Ankermann!

Our offer ranges from pre-configured and freely configurable desktop systems, which you can build yourself according to your wishes, to our laptop configurator, which you can use to create the laptop of your dreams. The Ankermann Computer Shop has something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a complete PC or want to order a cheap and good desktop PC - you've come to the right place.

Furthermore you will find accessories like monitors, keyboards, mice etc.

Our offer for you:

Preconfigured desktop systems for different fields of application:

  • Gaming PCs with core CPU from Intel and AMD Ryzen and graphics cards from the NVIDIA GeForce series or AMD Radeon in various categories and price ranges, from entry-level offers to mid-range and high-end systems with RGB, special cases and the most powerful components for the highest demands. We have the most popular configurations as pre-configured systems directly in stock. Order Tower PCs, Desktop PCs, Laptops, Complete PCs directly at Ankermann!
  • Mini PCs, small but powerful! We offer you our cheap and good small complete systems here. Simply buy the right PC online.
  • Office PCs that quietly perform all office tasks and go through daily work without complaint. Buy Tower PCs and Desktop PC systems for every budget online from us.
  • Refurbished PC Here we offer tested and inspected used PCs with warranty. Worn parts like SSDs and RAM modules have been exchanged for new parts.
  • Used PC Here you can find tested and checked used PCs with warranty
  • Microsoft-Brandstore This category is all about our partner Microsoft and PCs with Microsoft operating systems.
  • V2 series Our midprice gaming and office class with branded components at an unbeatable price.
  • Daily Hot Deals: The Daily Hot Deal always showcases a specific system at a top price that won't come back in the same way again.
  • Powerful workstations for professional use with powerful processors and sufficient memory and graphics performance for any application.
  • Multimedia PCs for everyday use, allowing you to watch videos, edit pictures, surf the Internet and much more.

Buy the right desktop PC for a fair price!

You have found the right computer, but the graphics card does not yet have sufficient computing power? Then don't replace the computer, but the card! You can modify your new computer in ankermann.com's PC Online Shop before you buy it.

Just click "Configure" next to your desired PC and replace the selected hardware with something else. This gives you full control over the performance of your new computer.

This way you not only optimize the speed of your computer. You even save money. Just remove or replace the components you don't need and the price stays low. We modify many computers according to your wishes.

Buy PC for your individual needs

You urgently need a new PC? Your computer must be especially quiet? For these and other wishes we offer you effective additional services:

  • Express assembly: Your computer will be assembled and shipped within 24 hours. The standard delivery time without express assembly is 3-5 business days.  
  • SuperSilent Modification: We will gladly modify your new PC into a silent resource. Loud PC noises are a thing of the past.
  • Financing: Do you want to finance your PC conveniently and inexpensively? Then take advantage of the hassle-free financing service.  
  • PC Configurator: Simply customize your computer to your needs! Of course, you can also assemble your PC from scratch. From the case to the graphics card!

Ankermann.com - The Online Shop for your PC

Ankermann.com offers you a wide selection and a variety of options to customize your new computer. If you are looking for a cheap PC, then you have come to the right place!

Are you not sure what kind of computer you really need? Do you still have questions about the PC configurator?

Then take a look at our frequently asked questions section or simply call us at +49 (0) 7641 / 934 083 0. We are there for you Monday to Friday 10:00 - 16:00. You are also welcome to send an e-mail to info@ankermann.com.

Your advantages when you buy your PC system from Ankermann

  • We help you with your decision with our free hotline
  • We feature a one-stop solution - the finished system arrives ready to use, operating system and all drivers are installed and you can start right away. We do not install any annoying test versions and bloatware, the system is clean.
  • With us you get 24 months warranty on components and service.
  • We offer a premium pick-up service as an additional option for a fee: Your defective PC will be picked up the next day by Go! Express. You inform us by 2 pm that your PC is defective. We will then arrange for your defective PC to be picked up the next day between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. (Monday-Friday). Your PC will be prioritized by our technical department as soon as it arrives. As soon as we have found the error, you will receive a message on the same day, in which we explain the error and discuss further steps with you.

Our "special offers" that you cannot refuse

  • Under the heading DAILY EXPRESS you will find deals on pre-configured systems, which will be shipped the same day with GO! Express if payment is received by 14:00, ensuring that the gaming PC system arrives on the next business day (except Saturday).
  • The Megadeals offer deeply discounted PCs at unbeatable prices, freshly selected for you by our technicians!
  • In addition, we have our Hot Seller of the Week with PC systems at the best price, which are only available for a short time in each case