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Business laptop or gaming notebook, maybe you already created a clear idea of ??your new laptop and a checklist of the most important components? High-end gaming notebook, high-performance multimedia all-rounder, or at least a 2-in-1 hybrid of laptop and tablet? Laptops are mobile all-rounder in a complex world. Mobility and flexibility are expected of us at any time, connect the with performance, fun and power! Looking for a multimedia notebook intended screen size, speed, graphics performance, memory and main memory (RAM) noted. A large processor, the powerful graphics card, SSD drives, long battery life and a high-quality keyboard dock should not be missed? So you know what you want, although the selection is great. In our online store you have two options, just to buy the laptop for your individual application preferences. We present you at a glance a selection of pre-configured devices for different applications: gaming laptops, business notebooks or Home and Office solutions. Our laptops are sorted according to the online shop, you always have an overview.


Compile laptop itself and buy online!

Or imagine our innovative notebook configurator along your notebook itself. Looking each component of online, because you know what is important for you. Whether hybrid hard drives, HDD, SSD, touchpad or display, you can select the components of many high-quality brands. Nevertheless, any time your bearings. Our innovative notebook configurator offers an intuitive operation. First, decide how much money you want to spend. The configurator automatically orients itself during your compilation on individual maximum amount. Should individual selected items you not be compatible, for example, the graphics card is not the processor (CPU) match, a conflict will be displayed. Make the last action undone simply and make another selection, or change a previously selected component. Only when a conflict is resolved, you can buy your laptop online. The Notebook Configurator always tests the compatibility of various elements, we have already tested for you and go during installation with the utmost care before.


Which Laptop really suits you?

If you are undecided and have not yet dealt with the issue of long, we can give you initial tips for your checklist. Familiarize yourself clear that there are very different notebook models for different requirements. They differ in size, design, accessories and especially in the composition of the components. The differences between an entry-level model and a high-end gaming laptop are very large. Notebooks can now compete in many fields with PC systems and are, in terms of mobility and flexibility, superior PC systems. Take, for example, from the beginning to the detail of the processor

Laptops. Whether Intel, AMD or NVIDIA, here shows the performance of your notebook. Intel Core i3 processors, see the entry laptop, Core i5 suitable for medium business applications and Core i7 describe the high-end sector. HDD designated large hard disks with up to several terabytes of storage, SSD drives are fast, robust, and durable, improve read and write speed. Hybrid hard drives combine HDD and SSD. Graphics card and display adjust the respective claims. Even if you buy your new laptop online, we offer course individual service and support. As IT professionals, we want you to have fun with your new notebook!