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The new high-end Mini PCs

Gamer PCs or mini multimedia computers are probably the desktop PC systems of the future. These small Silent Mini PCs are hailed as the newest desktop computer. Innovative design case strikes a lot of performance and space-saving format. Imagine a small tower in front so you can then, for example, a Gigabyte Brix Pro to - these Mini computers are so small! This also applies to the new Intel NUC mini PCs. NUC is in the product names, incidentally, always for next unit of computing. The term small-form-factor PC (SFF PC) computers are combined, which are installed in unusually small enclosures.

In general, the first Mini-ITX boards were equipped with firmly soldered processor. Currently motherboards are used based on desktop or notebook chipsets from Intel or AMD. An exchange of the CPU is easy in this variant for the user. Dual, quad or Octacore High End processors can easily be installed, the Mini ITX boards offer an equally wide variety of applications.


Little space and still no waiver of gaming fun?

An energy-saving Mini PC provides everything a gamer needs! Innovative design combined with low mileage in the high-end sector. A Mini current generation PC is a real competitor to the traditional desktop PC. This small all-rounders offer cost-effective solutions for gamers who do not need the installation of several optical drives or hard drives. If you want to save the space for the large Desktop Tower, best bought a mini PC system in the online shop. Also in mini PC systems, there are entry-level models, Multimedia Mini PCs and mini gaming computer with the fastest processors and high-end graphics cards. Thus, the mini PC from overheating, the CPU can also be supplied with water cooling. Just like its major competitors Mini PCs are equipped with latest SSD drives and exceptionally quick start and response times.

Whether laptop or mini PC, this lightweight all-rounder you can take anywhere. The ultralight weights can be as low, connect power-saving Mini PC to the TV. In the online shop, each user can buy his mini PC. Alternatively Anchorman provides the ability to use the innovative configurator. can compile each has its own mini PC without any previous knowledge in PC assembly. Operation is intuitive and the configurator immediately shows a conflict if the selected high quality brands components are not compatible with each other. Conflicts can be solved easily. Either you make the final decision to withdraw or replace another component, then you can proceed with the order. Whether mini PC with Windows 7 for Home and Office applications, a multimedia PC system with Wi-Fi or the best mini PC systems for high-end gaming performance, here, each user decides on price and performance.


For LAN party with Mini Gaming Computer
now conveniently online!

Our Mini PCs make the hearts of real gaming fans beat faster! Small, robust performance miracle in ITX format are easy to transport and convince as high-end systems on each LAN Party. Of course, we have built in our product range only Mini Gaming PC with fastest CPUs and powerful 3D graphics cards. We use small spaces and make sure that Mini PC system not to overheat. On request, the user purchases a High End Mini PC water cooling! Whether small or large PC systems, we offer for all our products of course service and support. Extra services such as 24-hour on-site service or warranty extension to a total of 4 years old can be ordered during the online purchase.