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Beginners Office PC or Allround Business Computers
Buy with Intel or AMD CPU online

Your new entry PC for private office you can buy in the online shop of Anchorman. We also offer energy-efficient multimedia solution for your business. The Allround PC systems are versatile. Of course, all business are suitable solutions for Office programs and Internet applications. Depending on the individual claim you buy a complete system to play video, image editing, graphics applications and to store and play music. Imagine yourself with our innovative PC configurator a multimedia Office PC together or rely on our diverse range of Office Computer complete systems in the online shop.


Office computers, energy-efficient and quiet

Unlike gaming PCs in the high-end sector need pure business computer smaller CPUs and no particularly strong graphics cards. We choose the high-quality brand components for for the best price-performance ratio. Modern processors and graphics cards for PCs Allround work energieeffizent and quiet. The hallmarks of this quiet computer insulated Midi Tower. This spares your nerves and saving power. In addition, this office PC systems are reliable and stable because of the properties. Our Allround PC solutions include fast dual to hexa-core CPUs and offer according to individual requirements up to 32 GB of memory. We combine processor and memory with energy saving graphics cards up to the midrange. So you can easily use all the multimedia features, without having to invest too much budget for your office computer. Who wants an office PC to buy, so it should always pay attention to the important details and wondering what applications are in an office PCs in the foreground for him.


Innovative configurator
Office PCs and Office Computer Systems

Who is looking for an individual solution for a business PC, can put together his office computer easily online. Whether beginner or models Allround PC with Office installation, the possibilities are very versatile. Ask your complete system together. Whether powerful CPU or stylish and modern design, choose among many high-quality brand components and the configurator checks the compilation of compatibility. The use of innovative configurator is intuitive. Adjust motherboard, CPU cooler and graphics card do not match, a conflict will be displayed. Only if you fix this by, for example, make your last action or select an alternate component, you can continue the checkout process. Do not worry about your budget have. Enter at the beginning, for how much money you want to buy a new office PC, then the configurator oriented precisely at this amount. We pay close attention to a balanced price-performance ratio. Order them with the necessary accessories for your office. Whether printer, mouse or keyboard, you can be all together as a complete system.


Internet service, online support and extra services
for your Home and Office PC

Are you interested in our Super Silent PC modification or we should perform a system check after installation? From 24-hour burn-in text to doubling your 2 year warranty much is conceivable. Whether office, antivirus, or 24-months of technical on-site service if you would like advice, we are here to serve you whether by phone or the Internet, you decide for yourself. We would be pleased if your office computer in our online Buy shop!