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PC systems for individual processing
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Who is looking for a suitable computer or laptop for image and graphics editing, found in Anchorman PC systems for different applications. For graphic design, video editing and image editing buy a stable computer with a few extras. You definitely need a powerful processor (CPU), for example, from Intel or AMD, a very good graphics card, a main memory (RAM) and an SSD for high performance. Please ensure sufficient ventilation to keep your system achieved a solid and long mileage. We also provide computer systems with water cooling. Upgrade your PC system with a compatible power supply from, for those who choose the equipment with quality brand components, is always long-term advantage. Particularly demanding users delight in extravagant designs. Give your tower or laptop a personal touch. need creative minds at work more color!


Graphics and photo editing
powerful PC systems in Anchorman online shop

Who's talking about graphics and image processing, can anything mean. Cut a photo file or create a digital magazine, the bandwidth is very large. All users who have already served more complex applications such as Photoshop or Corel Draw know how important large memory, fast graphics cards and CPUs are strong. Of course, the laptop should have a large desktop PC or be supplemented by a resolution high resolution monitor. Anyone who spends a lot of time with the image processing and graphics applications, is an exclusive mouse begrudge as an accessory. The ergonomically designed helper protect the creative hands. Images and pictures arise now predominantly digital and are processed consuming. Cameras always produce larger files, the resolution of the display increases, so you should equip your PC system performance.


Individual PC system for image and graphics processing
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The decisive factor is the composition of the different PC components. CPU, graphics card and SSDs have to be put together for your individual user needs and be perfectly compatible. Who has any idea about his desire PC, can use our innovative configurator. Put together from a wide variety of high quality brands components your computer or laptop. Initially set the maximum price fixed for your PC system. This prevents you from investing too much money on your computer. Then select one after the individual components. You always see how much the current compilation costs and have the option to change the composition or supplement. Should elements of your choice not be compatible with each other, a conflict message will appear. Only when you have resolved the conflict by making the final selection undo or replace another component, the ordering process is continued. You can not go wrong. Nevertheless, should subsequently a compatibility issue during assembly occur, we will contact you and find a solution.


Powerful PC systems
for complex images and graphics programs

Users of Photoshop and Corel Draw know how complex work these programs. Different requirements of the designer or photographer must be digitally implemented. The operation is to be as intuitive as possible and easy. The user profiles for graphics and imaging are as different as their users that makes the comparison difficult at first. So trust in our user-centric compilations or opt for your very own PC system thanks to an innovative configurator. Of course, take advantage of our service and support. Even if you order your desired PC online, we advise you.