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High-end gaming PC systems

For your high-performance experience you can have either your PC system with our innovative Configurator together yourself, or you decide to buy a gaming system complete the online shop.


Innovative configurator:
Select high-end gaming PC system

Sure you can you put together even your high-end PC for the very special gaming experience. But who does not want to ignore the experience of gaming experts in the assembly of high-performance high-performance PCs, is the right place! Performance, stability, reliability and design meet here for High-Performance Gaming successive experiences. The configurator is easy to operate intuitively, offers you a wide range of high-quality brand components and checked already during your selection the compatibility of the individual components. We want to get the perfect match performance in the composition of the individual components. At the beginning of the compilation you put your tight budget, so you plan still under your financial performance. You do not check whether the components fit together, the PC configurator logs conflicts directly. The order is only when all quality brand components are compatible in your high-performance gaming PC. You can save time, are ordering without comparing cumbersome technical requirements and minimum requirements on the Internet that accepts the configurator automatically for you. Of course you'll find within selecting the latest Intel Core i7 and AMD processors, high-end GeForce or AMD graphics cards, hard disks and SSD storage of the latest generation, high-performance power supplies, strong and at the same time super quiet CPU cooler. Imagine thy overclocking high-end PC system with multi-GPU and water cooling for extreme performance. We guarantee the professional PC assembly including stress testing, you do not even consider the system. If at this point conflicts, we will contact you. Because if you use the configurator, you of course will benefit from our comprehensive services and support, and you can even increase the warranty from 2 to 4 years.


Gaming Computer Systems:
High-end PC with overclocking and watercooling

Professional gamers need a lot of computing and 3D performance. We offer high-end PC systems with overclocking and multi-GPU. High-performance and overclocking are perfect for Ultra-HD gamers. 4K resolution for HD video editing, rendering or simulation in 3D, our overclocked high-end complete systems are equipped with high-quality CPU brand components from AMD or Intel. For maximum 3D performance combined with graphics cards from AMD and NVIDIA in CrossFireX or SLI. Perfect Gaming experiences are guaranteed by using modern storage technologies. Fast data transfers and minimal access times provide the maximum gaming performance. For reliability in cooling ensure strong CPU coolers and fans or high-end water cooling systems in Big- or midi tower case, such as in our label Wild Rabbit. Here gamblers get their money's worth. Decide on an overclocked high-end PC with an individual design!


High-end PC of anchorman for permanent game performance and more

In addition to gaming, our high-end computers and notebooks are of course also suitable for professional HD video editing, image processing, and graphics applications. We offer latest professional hardware for high-performance experiences. By using high quality components brands buy PC systems, combine the stability, reliability, design and performance playing together. As gaming expert service and support are of course, waiting for you a lot of extras. Whether Supersilent PC modification, particularly fast delivery, warranty extension, private gaming label or custom design, find your dream gaming computer complete system, experience your games with the latest IT technology!