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PC systems for craft businesses,
individual solutions online from Anchorman

Who travels a lot as a craftsman, must be able to rely in operation on his computer system. Nothing is more annoying than customers who have to wait for your offers, because software or hardware components fail. PC systems to facilitate the administrative work in the office, provide permanent opportunities for data and date balance and you make optimum use in planning your projects. For a craftsman, it is annoying to have to worry about broken or defective drives printer itself. Our computer systems are guaranteed to be compatible in all its components. This saves you as a craftsman in the future a lot of time and trouble. In Anchorman online shop you will find different PC solutions for individual requirements. Practically, our complete systems, order convenient PC, mouse, keyboard, printer, scanner and monitor.


Powerful, space-saving all-rounder:
Craftsmen PCs in Anchorman online shop

If you have a small business, you need a smart solution. If your office pose little space and do not meet any representative purposes, this is not a problem for us. We supply compact, yet powerful PC systems that are available to you as a practical helper in everyday office life aside. These systems are especially designed for office applications and very economical, because you do not need oversized CPUs and large graphics cards. If you are interested in complete systems, shop directly the appropriate printer, scanner, monitor, or other accessories. Your online order is always checked by us for compatibility, so that your computer system in use is working solidly.


IT solutions for craftsmen, powerful and solid,
just right PC system for your operation

In larger trades as the performance requirements of computer systems in recent years have grown steadily, especially if you work for the planning and presentation of your ideas with video or graphics programs. To convince your customers of your plans, you need not only a representative office, but also a solid and powerful PC system with an attractive design. Each craftsman demanding clientele served knows how important the first impression is the sales pitch. It therefore never pays to save at the wrong place. Work with AutoCAD or Photoshop, then you order now fit the screen, keyboard and mouse to the computer. Of course, we also provide sophisticated PC Systems. At high power requirement computers often generate unwanted noise. We equip your system on request also with water cooling.


In crafts like Anchorman counts:
A perfect service makes the difference!

Time is money: Invest in the service of anchorman for your PC system as a craftsman, you have a lot to do. It is not necessary that you take care of the details of your computer system. We install the appropriate operating system, the necessary office applications and a powerful anti-virus program, if you wish. The establishment of the system can be done at your site. The technical 24-month on-site service ensures rapid and reliable PC repair services by professionals. We are so confident of our PC systems in our online store, you can extend your warranty directly buying. easily convert your 2-year warranty to a 48-month warranty. We only install high-quality brand components in our computer systems. If you need more powerful high-end devices for machining complex video or graphics files, we can equip your PC system with a water cooling system. These computers are particularly quiet and the cooling system ensures a longer duration of major components such as CPU, video card, or memory card.

Of course, you may also like to try our PC Configurator and himself put together a computer. The input is intuitive and the selection is great. Regardless of which method you choose, you can order your computer system, including delivery and installation online from Anchorman. If it is necessary, the new computer system in an existing

integrating network, we will also carry out the wish for you! Use our service and support, we are very happy to help you!