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Eco-PC from Anchorman works with optimized consumption now in the online shop!

Who is looking for an energy efficient computer system, you should look in our online shop. Twice the power and a small electric bill when the are no convincing arguments for the fuel-efficient eco-PC systems of the future. The PC hardware generates little heat, even small measures are enough to produce a good cooling.


What should you look, if you buy a fuel-efficient eco-PC?

The heart of the eco-PCs makes the processor. The eco-computer may well be equipped with a relatively slow CPU, thanks to dual core delivers this sufficient power for watching videos or for office software, video and image processing, or social media. The specified by the manufacturer wattage estimates the maximum dissipated power loss of the CPU, so in this case the heat. Information on the energy value of the CPU of the eco-PCs can be obtained from the value of thermal design power (TDP). Thus, the energy output of the fuel-efficient eco-computer as low as possible fails, the processor should take little energy in the form of electricity. Accordingly less heat is released by the processor, which in turn has a positive effect on the cooling. The TDP is considered an indirect indicator of the power consumption. For example, a dual-core CPU has at a clock frequency of 2.666 GHz with about 65 watts a half as high TDP as a quad-core processor from Intel with the same clock speed.


Intel's Core 2 Duo CPUs, fuel-efficient eco-PCs of Anchorman

As with all energy concepts you are way ahead with the latest technology. In order to manage with little power, you should buy an eco-computer, the low TDP identifies values. Cheap eco Computer models are equipped with a single-core CPU. The processors need only supply a nuclear power, excluded here are the old Intel (Celeron D series and Pentium D series). These CPUs have made a higher TDP than modern dual-core processors. Although the older CPUs are usually cheaper to buy, do not help you in the long term to save electricity. Fuel-efficient eco-PCs are often equipped with processors from the Celeron S-series, here the thermal design power value is only 35 watts.

Core 2 Duo and Pentium Dual Core automatically adjust the clock frequency to the required power and dominate the full spectrum of power saving. Who wants to buy a particularly powerful eco-computer, makes a Pentium Dual Core (E2xxx) or Core 2 Duo (E4xxx) nothing wrong, because he has a slower front side bus and is therefore less expensive than comparable models. The power of two processor cores and high, yet you save energy - the eco-PCs from the online store make it possible. Who is using its eco-computer mainly for small office work in his spare time, can buy a fuel-efficient Celeron S.


Green conscience thanks to modern technology: eco-PCs of Anchorman

PCs and computers are an indispensable part of our environment. Anyone who uses the latest technology, can contribute to saving energy and buy online an eco-computer in Anchorman. We continuously inform you which models are the most efficient. It is important to us that the PC adjusts individually to your user properties. Whether gaming, home & office or a family solution, we anchor man can assist with your search in our online store!