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convinced the online Anchorman configurator

Anyone looking for a new laptop, spends a lot of time trying to compare a variety of notebook manufacturers and various laptop models together. Those who want to save time and money and still want to buy a self-compiled notebook in Anchorman can configure their desired laptop. With the notebook configurator, you can even choose from a variety of high quality brands components of the laptop configurator guarantees that the selected components are compatible with each other. Adjust motherboard and CPU not together, a conflict is indicated. You can make the selection of the last component can be undone, or replace a previously Chosen element. Only when all parts are compatible with each other, you continued the ordering process for the laptop. You decide unhurriedly over Accessories, System Check after installation and warranty service, the individual components look in the summary and does not exceed your maximum price. Your dream notebook meets your individual needs. In the Express installation, the laptop is assembled on the same day and shipped. The 24-months on-site service ensures that in case of failure by a technician comes to you. The Notebook Configurator also offers beginners a safe platform. Operation is simple and intuitively. Because of the compatibility check, errors from the outset can be avoided.


buy from the online shop of Anchorman Notebook

Of course, can also be found in our online store for each user the right laptop. Intel processor, display, graphics card, optical drive, memory, hard drive and operating system are configured for various purposes by us. Refer to the online store anytime on system performance, processor, memory and 3D graphics of the notebook. The laptop you can buy in different ways. Pay per invoice BillSAFE or use Amazon Payments, and financing is possible. The Anchorman online store is eKomi certified, so you need not worry when ordering and for a warranty claim.


Office users buy laptop solutions Anchorman

Smart Allround road solution

We offer smart design, which convinces with performance. Office applications, web usage, social media and gaming, you can transport this notebook easily and use mobile and flexible in the office, on a business trip or leisure. Buy a lightweight all-rounder for versatile applications. Compatible accessories like docking station or Cooler You can order course in our online shop.

Exclusive Business Notebook

Particular design, large display, HD or FHD, powerful, quiet and with lots of extras. This laptop is a solid companion in everyday situations and leaves no wish unfulfilled. To make work fun! Compatible accessories like docking station or Cooler You can order course in our online shop.

Gamers buy laptops in the online shop at Anchorman

Gaming notebook of the latest generation

Power efficiency and realistic gaming thanks to high-performance graphics card. Here you buy guaranteed the right speed for digital pleasure. Whether gaming or graphics editing, this laptop offers mobility and comfort with low energy consumption. Compatible accessories as

Dock or Cooler You can order course in our online shop.

Professional solutions Anchorman

Multimedia Notebook combines business with pleasure

Anyone looking for a solid business laptop and can not do without the optimal gaming pleasure, this is the place. Unique design and high-quality brand components unite in optics and hardware. Who says work makes no pleasure? Compatible accessories like docking station or Cooler You can order course in our online shop.