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Buy Multimedia PCs: Enjoy your entertainment with silent multimedia PCs

Our multimedia PCs with Windows 11 offer you a lot for your hard-earned money. We have everything from low-cost entry-level devices to high-end systems, Multimedia Desktop Pcs for every application area. This ranges from entry-level models with an i5 processor to high-end i7 multimedia PCs. Today, digital processes can be found everywhere in everyday life and in business. Computers have become indispensable in all areas of life. Almost all fields of work are now digitized and even private office applications are run by computers. But the fact that computers also function as a medium of entertainment is easily overlooked amidst the many practical applications. What distinguishes the best multimedia PCs? Find out here what is important and for whom such systems are particularly suitable. One important point is certainly the noise level, and this is where our systems score. Ankermann PCs are also at the forefront when it comes to versatility.

Multimedia PCs are attractive to a lot of users

Almost everyone enjoys some form of entertainment to relax, and that is increasingly happening digitally. While classic TVs are becoming less and less important, this does not count for the content displayed. Movies and shows continue to enjoy great popularity. Accessing this multimedia content is particularly easy with computers. Therefore, users who frequently use image editing, video editing, music playback or video streaming should increasingly look for multimedia PCs. In general, the Internet offers incredibly versatile multimedia possibilities with a wide variety of streaming and media platforms, which arouse the interest of many users. Accessing corresponding content with the help of versatile multimedia PCs is therefore an obvious choice.

The big advantage of these devices is that they can often take over a lot of tasks from other systems as a multimedia PC all-in-one system. Whether you want to watch and edit pictures or videos with your silent multimedia PC, stream videos comfortably from the Internet or play music - our multimedia PC offers are the solution for you. Of course, you can also watch DVDs, play content from USB sticks or read memory cards, for example from cameras, with our all-in-one systems. Due to the ever-present versatile options, memory cards, DVDs, internet streaming via Wi-Fi or internet streaming via cable can be used.

From low-cost systems to high-end multimedia applications

The advantage of these PCs is that you can find inexpensive multimedia PC systems for very little money. You can even buy such a system for a small three-digit sum. These entry-level devices can be found in Ankermann's selection. Playing movies, music and many other applications is no problem. However, just because the focus is on multimedia applications doesn't mean that classic applications can't be used on them as well. Surfing the Internet, word processing, simple small games and so on are applications that are no problem at all for our multimedia PCs.

Find the right multimedia PC and accessories at Ankermann

At Ankermann you will find a wide range of multimedia PCs. Our offer ranges from inexpensive multimedia PCs to high-quality devices. Which system is most suitable for you depends on your requirements, but you are sure to find something suitable. Just browse through our range. You will also find accessories that can make or break the experience of a movie or a song in multimedia applications. Here, too, there are certainly fitting offers according to your ideas. Just try it out!

Your advantages when you buy your multimedia PC at Ankermann

  • We help you with your decision - call our free hotline
  • Our computers are a complete solution from a single source - the finished system arrives ready to use, the operating system and all drivers are installed and you can start right away. We do not install any annoying test versions or bloatware, the system is clean.
  • You get 24 months warranty not only on the components but also on the service
  • We offer a premium pick-up service as an additional option for a fee: The next day, your defective gaming PC will be picked up by Go! Express. You inform us until 2 pm that your PC is defective. We will then arrange for your defective PC to be picked up the next day between 8am and 12pm (Monday-Friday). Your PC will be prioritized by our technical department after it has arrived. As soon as we have found the error, you will receive a message on the same day, in which we explain the error and discuss the next steps with you.

Our "special offers" that you cannot refuse

  • Under the heading DAILY EXPRESS you will find offers of pre-configured systems, which will be shipped the same day with GO! Express or DHL if payment is received by 14:00. If shipped with GO! Express, the gaming PC system will arrive on the next business day (except Saturday).
  • Our "Mega Deals" stand for heavily discounted PCs at unbeatable prices, freshly selected for you by our technicians!
  • In addition, we have our "Hot sellers of the week" with PC systems at a special price, which are only available for a short time.
  • The Daily Hot Deal introduces a certain system at a top price that will never come again like this.