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Powerful and reliable:
Solutions for servers in Anchorman

Central network computer perform functional and infrastructural network services. A server manages domains and files, met key tasks in network administration, translated of protocol instructions and plays an essential role for the security of your network. We rely on Intel Xeon processors. The CPUs are particularly powerful and at the same time reliable. The server meets various tasks easily. Intel Xeon processors are particularly efficient in the areas of performance, space, power consumption and price.


From micro servers to high-end data center
configure your custom solution

The server is the central system of a network and therefore the most powerful computers. Server can accommodate large hard disks, fast Intel Xeon processors and plenty of extras, so an expandable Tower should not be missing in future upgrades. Server be supplemented with external hard drives and partially equipped with tape drives or jukeboxes to perform automatic backups. Often it makes sense to outsource parts of the server fail-safe. Whether modular single board computer or cluster, the base of the server is the network operating system. Use of the software allows file and print sharing and the implementation of additional services.


compile server itself
Innovative configurator offers individual solutions

Of course, you can buy in our online store a pre-configured server or call our support team to look for advice. If you already have a clear idea of ??its server system uses the most innovative our configurator. the quality brand components you are looking for from themselves and configure it according to your ideas. You need it to be an IT expert. The configurator checks each of your compilations, changes and additions. If components not compatible, you receive a conflict message. This conflict can be resolved without. Simply make undo the last step or change the selection of another component. If the conflict resolved, you can proceed with your order. Because you previously set a maximum amount, you always have an overview of costs during the selection of the individual components. The price of an Intel Xeon processor or external hard drives will be immediately displayed and added to the current selection.


Security with Exchange servers
for e-mail and communication processes thanks Anchorman

Exchange Server work reliably and efficiently. A company also manages, for example, e-mails, appointments and contacts. We set up your system. With data backup and shadowcopy deleted and damaged data can be recovered (z. B. emails, data loss, overwriting of documents, hardware mirroring with RAID 1, 5, 10). We do wish the central file management and data transfer. We supply compatible platform for server-client based industry software, set up a virus checker in the central e-mail and data transfer, and digital fax management and provide easy remote maintenance and administration of your system. This includes the dynamic monitoring of utilization and state of the server, including the logging. The user profiles of your employees are accessible from any workstation. Our server systems offer safety, reliable and efficient to work for your customers.

Whether you use our innovative configurator for the purchase of your server, opt for a model from the online shop or at first consult with our service team, we are sure you will find your individual solution with us.