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Microsoft PC

We only offer you PCs with Microsoft Windows as the operating system, because at Ankermann we want to offer you the best possible operating system that is available on the market. That's why, as an authorized Microsoft partner for gaming, office, workstations and multimedia, we rely exclusively on Windows 10 and Windows 11. This allows you to get the most out of your PC.


Microsoft PCs - The operating system's recipe for success

Microsoft's beginnings date back almost 50 years, with the first Microsoft PC being released in 1985. At that time, this Microsoft PC was released under the code name "Interface Manager". This Interface Manager was actually the first version of Windows. At that time, Microsoft was not yet a big name in the world of computer science, but this was to change abruptly in the next few years and decades.

However, it took a few more years before a Microsoft PC was no longer unusual and could be found in every household. Thus began the digital revolution, which was also intensified with the invention of the Internet. Around the 2000s, almost every household had a PC running the Windows operating system, and people were increasingly using the Internet.

At the same time, the Internet, with the help of the Microsoft PC, opened up new ways of entertainment, information search and communication, which were used by a great many people. At some point, it became the norm for people to email each other, watch videos online, or use their Microsoft PCs to play games. A great many possibilities and opportunities have been created by computers, which have significantly influenced modern life. You can find different computers for all purposes in our PC shop .

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Microsoft PCs - The right PC for the right purpose

Here you have different Microsoft PCs to choose from, all of which have various qualities and strengths. They are all suitable for different purposes. For example, work requires a different type of Microsoft computer than gaming does. In order to know exactly which Microsoft PC is best suited for your purpose, you should first understand the different parameters of the computer. Overall, a PC consists of software and hardware. Software is all programs and applications that can be found on the computer, including the operating system.

Hardware refers to the individual components that make the computer powerful, including the motherboard, graphics card, memory, fans, hard drive, power supply, and CPU. All these different components also have individual functions that also determine how the computer works in a specific area. For the speed of your Microsoft PC, for example, it could be advantageous to install an SSD instead of an HDD hard drive. So you have to make sure that you choose a Microsoft PC with the right software and hardware for your project. If you only want to use the calculator for work, you will need software like Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, Excel, Word & Teams. In addition, it would be important for you if the Windows 11 PC has a good CPU, SSD hard drive and plenty of RAM, as these components are important for fast processing and processes.

On the other hand, if you are not looking for a traditional Microsoft PC, but can use a gaming PC , then you should make sure that all hardware components are of the highest quality. With the software, all you need is a good operating system, which is the case with the latest version of Windows, namely Windows 11.

Microsoft PCs - impermanence, wear and tear and renewal

In principle, a computer can be compared very well with a car. Cars lose value and performance through use. This is largely due to wear and tear and environmental conditions. This process can be slowed down, and sometimes avoided altogether, with sufficient time dedicated to care and maintenance.

The same happens with your Microsoft PC, which gradually loses more and more performance because all parts are used more and more every day. Nevertheless, you can slow down this process with the right methods, for example if you pay close attention to the hardware. In many PC cases, dust builds up after a while, which is extremely damaging to the computer, as the dust can settle in gaps or fans. You can easily remove this accumulation of dust with a brush or special tools for the computer. There are also special cooling systems to choose from, which can help powerful hardware devices to cool, making them more durable. This is particularly recommended for you if you have a very powerful CPU or graphics card.

Nevertheless, it is recommended that you regularly update your Microsoft PC and buy up-to-date components. In many areas there are new features every year that improve the entire Microsoft PC and are therefore also worth buying.

Especially if you want to use your Microsoft PC for gaming, you should attach great importance to it, as it will significantly improve your overall gaming fun. In addition, you should regularly carry out software updates on your Win 11 PC in order to be up-to-date and to be able to use the latest features. These updates are especially important when new Windows operating systems are released that will change and improve your overall user experience. Old operating systems will no longer be supported by Microsoft after some time, which can lead to problems and limitations in use. In addition, you should regularly check whether your Microsoft PC is still free of viruses and Trojans. For this purpose, the so-called Windows Defender is integrated into every desktop PC with Windows 11.

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Browse through our online shop, convince yourself of the immense selection and find the perfect Microsoft PC exactly according to your ideas. If you were able to decide on a PC, there are also desktop PC accessories in our shop that you could possibly use for your new technology friend. If you have any questions about Microsoft PCs or any other topic, our customer support will be happy to help you.

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