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Microsoft Gaming PCs - computers for the hobby

Gaming has been a hobby for decades, and more and more people appreciate it. If you also see yourself as a gamer, then you've come to the right place in our online shop for Microsoft Gaming PCs. We offer a variety of gaming PCs with Windows 11, each with its own strengths and advantages in different price ranges.

We not only provide you with ready-made systems, but also let you be the master of your own decisions with our gaming PC configurator . You can choose from different hardware components and thus create your optimal and individual Microsoft Gaming PC. If you are not an expert in this field, our staff will be happy to help you.

If you want to buy an already assembled Microsoft Gaming PC, you have a wide range of gaming computers to choose from, which are divided into different price categories and for different purposes.

Intel Core i5-11400F| H510| GTX 1650| 16GB RAM| 1TB SSD| Win 11 Pro| Office|
Intel Core i7-10700F | H510| GTX 1650| 16GB RAM| 500 SSD| 1TB HDD| Win 11 Pro| WLAN/WIFI| Office|
AMD Ryzen 5 5600G| ASUS Prime B450M-K II| GTX 1650| 16GB RAM| 1TB SSD| 450W be quiet| Win 11 Pro| WLAN/WIFI| Office|

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Microsoft Gaming PCs - Our online shop at Ankermann

We at Ankermann have existed since the early days of the internet and have been taking care of our customers since 1997. They attach great importance to good computers such as Microsoft Gaming PCs and appreciate our good customer service. Of course, our years of experience reflect this, otherwise we would never have been able to survive in the business for such a long period of time.

Our concept not only consists of an optimal relationship with the customer, but is also characterized by our diverse range. We offer a variety of computers divided into categories such as Microsoft Gaming PCs, Work Computers or Broker Trading PCs. In addition, we offer laptops, notebooks, mini office PCs for the office or at home or accessories for computers in the area of hardware and software, keyboards, monitors or speakers for our customers.

At Ankermann, we place great emphasis on keeping up with the times and keeping our employees up to date. Questions are answered quickly and accurately, regardless of their nature or specificity. Our employees will be happy to help you with the Microsoft Gaming PCs and are always available.

Microsoft Gaming PCs - The History of Gaming

The first video game that was then only programmed for entertainment purposes was "Tennis for Two" from 1958. The game fell into oblivion for 20 years shortly after its release, until a whole revolution began in the 1970s, which grew from year to year got bigger. Of course, not many people played video games in 1972, but that would change significantly over the next few decades.

At first, games were only available on consoles, but that would change with the release of computers, most notably the Microsoft Gaming PC. When it became common for video games to be played on the PC, so did a lot of people. At the same time, the game manufacturing industry was growing, finding new ways to improve games every year. Suddenly there were video games for the computer on the market that had a wide variety of game elements such as a story, a multiplayer mode or something similar. When the Internet was also playing an increasingly important role in society and in the gaming industry, manufacturers combined this with their games. MMORPGs like "World of Warcraft" were released in which multiple players could play together online and simultaneously. These games created whole second lives of people as their character in the game was always evolving and having a specific role. The number of players of the game increased daily and gradually there was a change in society where playing video games on a Microsoft Gaming PC was considered a normal hobby.

Again a few years later, the first controversies about video games began, as they allegedly "encourage violence" or encourage "lazy" behavior. Again a few years later, study results came out that video games did not do exactly that, in fact they would actually do the opposite. Thus, a certain acceptance of gamers emerged in a society that was still skeptical about video games. At the same time, however, gaming had already arrived in the middle of society. Even the image that mostly men play is no longer up to date, as many women also enjoy video games.

During all this time, at Ankermann, we worked to ensure that the Microsoft Gaming PCs our customers wanted were delivered to them. The latest games with the highest requirements can be played on our Windows Gaming PCs without any problems. We offer an optimal gaming computer in every price range. For very special bargains, take a look at our PC deals .

Microsoft Gaming PCs - What you should consider

With the many different components and features of a Microsoft Gaming PC, it is easy to lose track. That's why we're happy to help you and explain briefly which features you should look out for in a Microsoft gaming PC. First of all, it is important for you to think about what exactly you want to play on your Microsoft Gaming PC in advance. If it's just a game like League of Legends, then a good mid-range Microsoft Gaming PC will suffice to run the game on the highest demands. But if you'd rather play a game like "Elden Ring" with the highest graphics, then you need one of the better Microsoft gaming PCs that have the best hardware components. Of course, you also have to budget for more money, although there are always cheap offers for our PC sale on our website. If you need a better computer because you also want to stream, then a high-end gaming computer is the right choice for you. These Microsoft Gaming PCs are the best that can be found on the market today and you can easily do everything you want with them. They have enough power to run any process in parallel without any problems and are every gamer's dream.

Find out more about your new Microsoft Gaming PC or Gaming PC Windows 11 on our website and with just a few clicks you can soon be using your new technological wonder in your own four walls.

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