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Find your high-end gaming laptop in the online shop at Ankermann.

As a gamer, who doesn't dream of a complete gamer PC set or a high-end gaming laptop? In the Ankermann Gaming Shop you can buy gaming laptops online or assemble your gamer laptop. We promise you, just browsing through our gamer shop will be fun. The anticipation of having a high-end laptop at home in the future is a great feeling. Take your time, if you buy a high-end gaming laptop, you can savor this moment for yourself. If you want to assemble your gamer laptop to order a high-end notebook that is as individual as possible, you can easily use our notebook configurator in Ankermann's gaming shop. A playground for true gaming passion. Putting together a gamer laptop and using only the latest and most powerful components, ordering an extraordinary design, that is a long-awaited moment. Of course, this also applies to a complete PC gaming set.

You decide whether you want to buy a complete PC gamer set or a high-end gaming laptop, which you will find ready-made in our Ankermann Gamer Shop, or whether you want to assemble a gamer laptop and use our notebook configurator. We will be happy to advise you on this decision as well. Of course, there is no right or wrong decision here, it all depends on you. What do you place particular value on when buying a high-end notebook? We can find out together.

Assemble a gamer laptop, easy to order online with the notebook configurator

If you are on a budget when buying a complete PC gamer set or high-end gaming laptop, you can assemble your gamer laptop without having to rely on expert knowledge. Ankermann's notebook configurator is designed in such a way that a permanent compatibility check is carried out in the background. This means that all the components you select for your high-end gaming laptop must be optimally matched to each other in order to pass this check. If a compatibility problem occurs while you are putting together your gamer laptop, this will be indicated to you in the notebook configurator. You can only continue the selection process when you decide on a different laptop hardware. At this point, the Notebook Configurator makes a variety of suggestions for compatible components. You will easily find a perfect alternative. You can compare and inform yourself at your leisure. Of course, we also offer support if you feel more comfortable with it.

Our wish is that you enjoy being able to assemble your gamer laptop, and of course this also applies when you buy a personal computer. The more individual your wishes are, the more refined our suggestions will be. Just try it out, we will check the compatibility for you. At the end of the ordering process, you will be delighted with a perfect high-end notebook!

Buy a high-end notebook, gamers find their high-end laptop in the Ankermann online shop.

Once you have experienced the advantages of our Notebook Configurator, you will not need to be convinced of all its benefits at this point. When looking for a high-end gaming laptop, you will be presented with almost endless possibilities, yet we have designed the Notebook Configurator in such a way that it is very easy for you to keep track of everything. Those who want to buy a high-end notebook usually have very specific ideas and many hours of gaming experience. Nevertheless, you will be surprised at what you can optimize when putting together a gamer laptop. The more finely tuned the system is, the more boundless the gaming fun will be. After all, it's just like buying a personal computer. A high-end laptop should only be noticeable by the fact that it simply works flawlessly and super quietly in every game. All high-performance components such as CPUs, 3D graphics cards and water-based cooling systems ensure pure gaming pleasure in the background. A high-end laptop naturally also has an individual design. Believe us, we are gamers from the very beginning, your high-end gaming laptop from Ankermann's Gamer Shop will inspire you.

If you have any questions or a problem arises after purchase, you can count on our gaming experts from the Ankermann online shop. We place a lot of value on service and support. We know how important it is to be available for you even after you have purchased a complete PC gaming set or high-end gaming laptop. The smallest disturbance can spoil the fun of gaming, and we want to avoid that at all costs. Our long-standing customers in the Ankermann gaming shop know that we take service and support very seriously. You can assemble your high-end gaming laptop (or the complete PC gaming set) and use our notebook configurator. We'll take care of the rest, gamer's word of honor! Tip: Do you want to buy a personal computer? Find out about our wide range of products in our online shop.

Configure your high-end gaming laptop, use the Ankermann Notebook Configurator

Would you like to configure your laptop? And entirely according to your own ideas and personal wishes? Then you've come to the right place. With our laptop configurator you can assemble your own individual laptop. From a powerful office laptop to a high-end gaming laptop with unlimited graphics performance.

Assemble a gamer laptop: How can you configure your notebook?

  • If you assemble your business laptop yourself, generally pay attention to the following components: The notebook should have a sufficiently large internal memory, be equipped with office applications and security software and operate as quietly as possible. If you follow these principles, working will be much more fun.
  • When you assemble your gaming laptops cheaply and yourself, pay particular attention to powerful graphics cards, processors, cooling units and a large working memory. When you assemble your gaming laptop, you should ensure that the graphics are as high-resolution as possible and that the frame rate remains constant at a constant temperature.

It's fun to create a cost-effective laptop using the Ankermann Gaming Notebook Configurator. Create exactly the laptop you need. While you assemble the notebook yourself and configure the components for the gaming laptop, the Gaming Notebook Configurator keeps you constantly on top of things. Performance, price and compatibility always appear in the configurator display.

High-end gaming laptop configuration made easy!

With the High End Notebook Configurator, you can assemble your new office or gaming laptop in just a few steps. It's really easy!

  • First step: First select your laptop model with the Laptop Configurator. Decide on one of the numerous business or gaming models. To be able to assemble your notebook, you should make a decision beforehand. How you configure the notebook depends on the later field of application.
  • Second step: Now you select the individual components to be able to assemble the laptop yourself. Select components from various displays, graphics cards, processors, RAM, hard disks and many other individual components. While you assemble your laptop yourself in this way, your own notebook is created component by component.
  • Third step: Now use the filter function to search for your favorite manufacturer. If you assemble your notebook yourself, you can choose from a variety of well-known brands, e.g. Intel, AMD and Nvidia.
  • Fourth step: While you are putting together your gaming notebook yourself, the gaming high-end notebook configurator automatically checks for compatibility. All selected components fit together. You concentrate on your selection; we do the compatibility check for you.
  • Fifth step: Ankermann works transparently. If you assemble the notebook yourself, the price and system performance of your configuration are displayed in the configuration menu. You can configure your silent gaming laptop at your leisure and are always informed about performance and costs.
  • Sixth step: Of course, the right accessories must not be missing when you assemble your gaming laptop! We offer an extensive range of: Printers, scanners, headsets, mice, office or security applications, use the shopping cart for this. The order can now be completed; you have taken everything into account to configure your gaming laptop.

Assemble your gamer laptop: Configure your laptop and benefit from the best service!

Our notebook configurator offers you numerous additional options.

With the Premium Pick Up Service we pick up your laptop. You will receive a replacement device by then. Your laptop will be repaired. You simply continue working, we take care of everything.

You are not sure which PC or which components you really need? Or do you still have questions about the Notebook Configurator?

Visit us online at (FAQ), write to us or simply give us a call. You can reach us from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 16:00 at +49 (0) 7641 934 083 0 or [email protected].

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